WiFi On the Go

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Stand at the forefront of the most promising markets by wholesaling WiFi connectivity

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Many industry segments require WiFi connectivity for its end products – from WiFi MVNOs and videogames to transport, logistics, and industrial equipment – but have no interest in deploying their own WiFi network. This need is set to skyrocket thanks to the IoT ecosystem. 


This is where you come in: by providing connectivity as a wholesale strategy, you have an unmatched opportunity of standing at the forefront of these upcoming markets.


Fon’s WiFi On the Go (for business) allows you to manage the wholesaling and accounting of large amounts of traffic to both 3rd party service providers or to large businesses.

We provide all of the features needed and allow for dynamic deployment:

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Create different customer segments for different access policies and rules

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Offer adjusted price rates and priority access policies to the network to customers buying large amounts of traffic

Benefits for your customers

Do not need to invest in deploying and maintaining a WiFi Network


Wholesale customers can become Virtual WiFi operators by reselling WiFi access to their end clients…


…Or get big volume discounts if they use this WiFi capacity for their own business operation

Benefits for you

Turn your unused capacity into a new source of revenue


Enable B2B2C revenue models. Wholesale to 3rd party service providers


Capture revenues from growing markets:

IoT & WiFi enabled devices which need connectivity


Sell offloading capacity to MNOs, MVNOs

User Story

A public bicycle service wants to feature its bikes with WiFi connectivity to transmit usage patterns and cycling routes to big-data server for later business intelligence analysis, but it is unable to economically deploy and maintain WiFi network infrastructure itself. National service provider wholesales its un-used capacity to public bike company for data transmission.

Key features

Customer segmentation

Cloud based analytics portal including traffic monitoring

Revenue Sharing calculation for all parties involved in the revenue chain (service providers, 3rd parties), with flexible support for various business models.

Volume discounts

Multi-currency and configurable taxation settings to support geographically distributed clients

Invoices, notices or other tax or sales documents sent to customers to accompany the sale of Internet access or other services


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