Use Cases

Delivering value-added WiFi services for your customers


Our WiFi solutions unlock multiple use cases for you to deliver value-added WiFi services to your customers. These services can be deployed under multiple business models to achieve your most desired goals: revenue generation, loyalty increase, brand recognition, or cost savings.

At Fontech, we understand that deploying WiFi-based products must result in defined value for our clients. Both operational benefits and the delivery of innovative WiFi services to your customers will drive this value – and we make that happen. With Fontech’s WiFi solutions, you can offer WiFi services to clients through multiple use cases.


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WiFi On the Go

Provide WiFi connectivity out-of-the-home

offload wifi


WiFi Offload

Meet connectivity demands cost-effectively 

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WiFi Monetization

WiFi Access on a pay-per-use approach & Wholesale

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WiFi as a Service

Provide WiFi connectivity out-of-the-home

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Carrier WiFi Solution

Management Solution


Guest WiFi solution


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