Product portfolio

At Fontech we offer a set of products geared towards specific functions in the WiFi solution ecosystem. While each product can work independently, they are optimized to work together.

WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP)

Our WiFi Service Management Platform is the cornerstone of our WiFi solutions. It is a cloud-based, hierarchical platform featuring all the functionality required for the management of WiFi services on hotspot networks. It enables the deployment, configuration, and operation of carrier-class WiFi services. Through its vendor-agnostic and API-oriented approach, it guarantees a worry free integration with your current operational framework.

Image of phone that is experiencing an always-best-connected experience thanks to Fon's Connection Manager

Connection Manager

An application on the user device and a remote configuration server for device provisioning. It provides the best customer experience, providing seamless, automatic WiFi connectivity – hassle free. The Connection Manager can be branded and incorporated into existing applications using Fontech’s SDK and is available on iOS and Android.

Wireless Access Gateway (WAG)


The WAG is a routing component that circuits WiFi traffic to core infrastructure. A fundamental piece for WiFi and cellular interworking, it is a key element for telco operators wanting to deploy WiFi Calling services, QoS control policies, remote CPE management or offload strategies. WSMP is prepared to interface with any vendor’s WAG and is already pre-integrated with specific WAGs from leading manufacturers (Alcatel, Huawei, Juniper). Upon client’s request, Fontech can also provide a Benu WAG, which is pre-integrated to work with WSMP’s core.

benu wag router

CPE Software

Receive all of the software you need to include Fontech’s hotspot functionality in your existing CPEs and transform your CPE footprint into a WiFi network.


Professional services

Our Professional Services Team will assist you in choosing the right technology for your needs and integrating it into your current infrastructure



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