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The ultimate platform to bring WiFi services to life

Deliver the WiFi services your customers want with a platform that meets your needs using our WSMP. It provides all the functionality to deploy, configure, monetize, and operate WiFi services from the cloud, all from a central location, personalized for every scenario, and with a quality experience that will exceed customer expectations.

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What can you do with our WiFi Service Management Platform?


Connect users

Provide WiFi connectivity to end users. Based on the desired strategy, WiFi access can be offered in two ways:

Captive portal:

A valuable marketing and customer engagement tool. Set the conditions under which connectivity is granted, such as upon registration, buying a pass, or watching an advertisement.

Connectivity app (Connection Manager):

A complementary product of Fontech's portfolio that guarantees a seamless connection for users

Manage your WiFi network and business rules


Configure, operate, and monitor the WiFi experience delivered by hotspot networks from a centralized control panel.


Target multiple customer sizes and types by grouping hotspots together to create network segments. For example, you can decide to group hotspots under multiple criteria: geographically, by business segment, customer category, or size. Based on this hierarchical structure, different business models, user experiences, and revenue schemes can be applied for each type of customer.


This powerful hierarchy implies that the same tool can be used to give service to individual consumers, a small establishment or venue, or a large corporation with central headquarters and multiple locations, all with different needs and business requirements.

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Monetize your services


Deliver a wide range of services to different customer types. WSMP is designed to adapt to your business strategy. Multiple monetization rules can be set in exchange for these services. It all depends on the business target pursued. 


As a telco operator you can target both your consumer and business segment. Choose the desired services to offer, based on your business goals: direct revenue, churn reduction, new subscriber acquisition, or cost savings.


You can also provide your business clients with the option of generating additional revenue through guest WiFi.

Analyze performance


Gain customer behaviour insights via our real-time metrics dashboard. Obtain valuable KPIs to help anticipate opportunities and challenges beforehand and implement continuous improvement strategies. These indicators can be aggregated and displayed to suit the requirements of your customers.

Fontech’s WSMP is built based on the following principles:

Easy integration with your infrastructure and systems

Open API interface and vendor agnostic platform pre-integrated to work with mainstream access points, controllers in the market, and CPEs.

Carrier-grade platform

High availability and scalability supporting millions of transactions, users, and devices.


Allowing you to benefit from short time-to-market, fast service delivery, and worry-free upgrading cycles.

Independence of Partners’ access network technology

Any access technology supported: FTTx, xDSL, cable, Wi-MAX, mobile-3G, LTE, etc.

Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support

Allows network segmentation and different client typology.

Centralized management and configuration

Intuitive web-based console for network segmentation, business model definition, and WiFi experience management at each segment: Allows network segmentation and different client typology.

API-REST based

Ensuring easy integration and adaptation to business context and needs, allowing network segmentation and different client typology.

High scalability & availability

Vendor agnostic:

    • Access point agnostic: works with any GRE-enabled access point and has been successfully integrated with CPEs from most major manufacturers.
    • Interoperable with any Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) and pre-integrated into WAGs from some of the most popular manufacturers in the market (Benu, Juniper, Alcatel, Huawei).

Hotspot 2.0 compliant

Multiple monetization models

Meet a variety of different business objectives.

Multiple authentication methods

(captive portal, 802.1x, EAP SIM, AKA, AKA', TTLS, WISPr)

Proxy AAA WRIX compliant

Configurable concurrency rules

For mobile and convergent operators it provides tight Mobile Core integration:

    • Multiple standard authentication interfaces (RADIUS, LDAP, Diameter, M3UA SIGTRAN).
    • Policy lookup from external PCRF and policy enforcement through WAG.
    • RADIUS accounting per session, including time/volume and lawful interception data.
    • Call Detail Records (CDRs) configurable per integration.
    • OCS and OFCS integration.

Vendor agnostic

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