WiFi Service Management Platform


Manage, operate, and monetize your WiFi services from one platform

Deliver the WiFi services your customers want with a platform that meets your needs using our WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP). Based on over a decade of experience developing cutting-edge technology solutions and providing carrier WiFi services around the world, WSMP is a best-in-class software platform delivering everything SPs need to manage, operate, and monetize carrier-class WiFi services on hotspot networks.

Are you an operator? Discover how WSMP adapts to your specific needs and integrates with existing networks and systems.

With Fontech’s WSMP you can



Provide WiFi connectivity to end users


Configure the WiFi experience


Centrally manage multiple customer types


Monetize WiFi services


Analyze real-time network performance


Deliver value-added WiFi services


Fontech’s WSMP was designed to include many advantages


Multiple authentication methods

Captive portal, 801.2x, EAP SIM, AKA, AKA’, TTLS, WISPr

Deployment versatility


Available as cloud-based, on premises, or hybrid

Open and pluggable


API-REST based, ensuring easy integration and adaptation to business contexts and needs

High scalability and availability


As well as vendor-agnostic , allowing for rapid-roll outs

Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support


Allows for network segmentation

Multiple monetization models

Flexibility to meet a variety of different business objectives

WSMP components


WiFi Access Control


Captive portal


Monitoring and BI system


Network hierarchy manager


WSMP console


WiFi Access Control

Manage and oversee user access to WiFi networks. This element takes care of the authentication, authorization, and accounting of users.


WRIX compliant, authentication lookup from external sources, and RADIUS accounting per session.

User Manager

Centralized management from BSS/OSS and user segmentation, categorization, and self-provision.

Policy Manager

Set multiple policy rules for the WiFi service based on many factors, including time, bandwidth, and network segmentation.

Captive portal

Provide a great user experience through the authentication flow. The highly customizable captive portal offers multiple access modes, including click to connect and social login, under different monetization models. WISPr compliant, allowing for seamless authentication, the captive portal is responsive and HTTPs for secure data exchange.

Monitoring and BI system

Gain actionable insights from detailed monitoring and reporting dashboards. The system provides highly-granular metrics on multiple variables, including user sessions, network hierarchy, and traffic, as well as socio-demographic information, improving your knowledge of your customers.

Network hierarchy manager

Segment networks into multi-level hierarchical structures with unlimited levels of segmentation. Based on the criteria of your choice, including location, premium, and client type, you can define the desired WiFi experience at every point. The manager ensures easy service management that reduces operational costs.

WSMP console

Manage the WiFi service from an intuitive and user-friendly web-based portal. The customizable console provides you with end-to-end visibility of the network hierarchy. Its architecture is multi-tenant and multi-hierarchical.

Take the WSMP further with our complementary modules!






Cellular interworking



Purchase engine

Pre-integrated with most popular payment gateways, here you can define the WiFi products you want to offer.

Invoicing and billing system

Facilitates revenue sharing and reconciliation, here you can generate invoices for end customers.

Engagement manager

Integrated with user rating platforms such as TripAdvisor, here you can engage users and obtain new leads.


An optional component suited for WiFi roaming scenarios, this module can integrate on a one-to-one approach with other WiFi partners. You can also connect to Fon’s Hub for access to over 23 million WiFi hotspots worldwide.

Cellular interworking

Fully integrated end-to-end network, this module allows you to apply the same management capabilities, policy enforcement and charging rules, and VAS regardless of whether access is WiFi or cellular-based. Key to interworking scenarios, it enables seamless authentication, usage metering, and cellular policy extension.

Add-ons for specific verticals

Location-based services

A powerful set of tools that gives retailers and venue owners unprecedented customer insights

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Merchant App

A user-friendly app that allows business owners to easily manage key aspects of their guest WiFi service

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Hotel Manager

user-friendly console specifically designed for hotel managers to manage the WiFi service they offer

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Deliver WiFi your way with our flexible WSMP