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Deliver connectivity beyond residential limitations with WiFi On the Go

Originally limited to users’ homes or workplaces, WiFi is now used everywhere. With a significant number of customers accessing WiFi networks in a public place to stay connected when they’re out and about, service providers reap the benefits of satisfying this demand.


By seizing the opportunity to deploy a WiFi network as a complement to traditional access propositions, you will be reaching beyond residential limitations. Providing your customers with highly valued WiFi connectivity on the go has a proven direct benefit on churn and loyalty.

WiFi On the Go allows convergent telco operators to complement their access propositions and take full control of customer activity everywhere. For fixed operators, it becomes an unmatched tool to extend their services outside the home, and trigger convergence, reducing the gap with mobile players.


CSP benefits

Enhanced customer connectivity experience


Reduced churn


Increased engagement and use


Avoidance of 3rd party interaction: instead of using a competing network, customers will use yours


ARPU increase (if WiFi added-value services are charged at a specific fee or associated to premium plans)


Cost optimization through offload

Brand awareness: an SSID bearing the name of the CSP makes the brand visible to potential customers

End user benefits

Extended coverage in areas with spotty coverage

Cheaper data plans when compared to cellular

Flexibility to use WiFi or cellular at their own convenience

Seamless and always-best-connected experience everywhere, on all devices

User story

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I used to fall short of cellular data

fon wifi public

At home, I connected to my broadband to save on my GB plan. But once I’d left, I’d have to connect to public WiFi networks.

fon wifi service

Ever since I’ve had WiFi On the Go, I’ve been able to enjoy unlimited access when I’m out and about.

fon wifi spot

I don’t have to worry about low speeds or going over my data limit anymore

Key features

Fontech provides the products and services CSPs need to offer totally customized WiFi On the Go that is integrated into the rest of their proposition.

Simplified hotspot network deployment using Fontech’s CPE Software (transformation of CPE footprint into a WiFi network in a matter of days)

Extensive service configuration and policy management via WSMP console

Carrier-grade connectivity

Multiple authentication methods:

    • Captive portal and 802.1x based
    • Authentication lookup from external sources: RADIUS
    • LDAP, Active Directory, SOAP/XML

API-based Integration

Advanced connection manager capabilities (app or SDK)

Enhanced quality of experience management

Want to make the most of WiFi On the Go?

Make sure you’re providing an always-best connected experience with our Connectivity Experience Solution

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