Meet increasing data demands cost-effectively


Alleviate the CAPEX burden of meeting data demand

Global mobile data has skyrocketed over the past few years but associated revenues have stagnated. WiFi Offload gives CSPs an effective strategy for alleviating the CAPEX burden of satisfying increasing demand by reducing costs without impacting the user experience. With full integration with the cellular network, Fontech’s carrier-grade WiFi Offload Solution enables operators to offload traffic from cellular to WiFi infrastructure while maintaining complete visibility, policy, and management capabilities.

Fontech’s WiFi Offload Solution will help you



Meet data capacity challenges cost-effectively


Provide better coverage and higher bandwidth


Deliver an enhanced customer connectivity experience


Unlock new business opportunities

Key benefits

CAPEX and OPEX optimization
Brand awareness through branded SSID names
Enables the deployment of innovative WiFi strategies including massive IoT
Uniform and consistent management guaranteed regardless of access technology
Open, pluggable, and vendor-agnostic for rapid and easy integration
Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support

SoftBank needed an offloading solution to avoid 3G congestion and costly investments.

Find out how they saved millions in network investments thanks to our technology.


Total traffic offloaded to WiFi



16% to 23%

Increased market share

Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:

WiFi Service Management Platform

A powerful platform that lets you manage, operate, and monetize carrier-class WiFi services from one place

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Connection Manager

Technology that takes care of seamless device connectivity to WiFi networks


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Cellular Interworking Module

An optional component to apply the same management capabilities, policies, and charging rules for WiFi or cellular


Roaming Module

A component that provides you with detailed visibility on traffic as well as agreements


Professional services

A series of services delivered by our specialist team so you don’t have to worry about integration

Managed services

A series of additional services to assist you with day-to-day activities


Community WiFi, a perfect fit for WiFi offloading

Most MNOs have traditionally used some degree of WiFi offload to reduce the cost of data delivery and ease the strain on the cellular network. Community WiFi networks are cost-effective and deliver extensive coverage, making them a perfect fit for WiFi offloading. However, operators need to deliver a consistent QoE across all networks in order to keep subscribers happy and collect data for analytics wherever they move.

A combination of Fontech carrier WiFi solutions helps CSPs to cope with this scenario, where WiFi offloading is maximized but not at the expense of delivered QoE.

Take your Offload Solution further!

Fontech offers a set of complementary solutions to maximize the potential of your WiFi offload strategy. These solutions and their components are fully integrated to work flawlessly together.

Address data capacity needs cost-effectively with WiFi