WiFi Offload

Meet increasing data demands cost effectively


Global mobile data traffic is booming and shows no sign of slowing down. Simultaneously, the revenues generated from data traffic are falling. In this context, service providers are calling for network strategies that alleviate the CAPEX burden of satisfying this demand.


By migrating data traffic from expensive cellular networks to WiFi infrastructure, WiFi Offload implies dramatic savings on infrastructural costs. And the benefits don’t stop there! By deploying WiFi networks for offload, you also enhance the user connectivity experience and provide value-added WiFi services.


As the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider, we have been providing offloading solutions for CSPs for over a decade.

“Fon ranks as an Established Leader in Juniper’s Leaderboard for strong advancements made in its Carrier WiFi portfolio.

Focused on providing the best customer experience, Fon’s state-of-the-art WiFi Service Management Solution, along with Enhanced Connectivity Solution, has strengthened its positioning as a technology provider to operators and other connectivity providers” 

Source: Mobile Data Offload & Onload Report, Juniper, 2016.

CSP benefits

Cost optimization

Enhanced customer connectivity experience

Avoidance of 3rd party interaction: instead of using a competing WiFi network, customers will use yours.

Brand awareness: an SSID bearing the name of the CSP makes the brand visible to potential customers

Enable the creation of value-added WiFi services with direct impact on churn and loyalty

End user benefits

Extended coverage in areas with spotty coverage

Seamless and always-best-connected experience everywhere, on all devices

User story

  • In a highly dense shopping center, a mobile operator’s network is congested at certain peak times during the day.
  • Deploying new base stations comes at an unaffordable cost.
  • The mobile operator can choose to deploy their own public network of WiFi hotspots.
  • A pre-installed app on customers’ smartphones defaults to WiFi when customers reach the shopping center.
  • The operator is capable of meeting the connectivity needs and avoiding congestion in a cost-effective way.
  • End users enjoy worry-free WiFi connectivity on the move.

Key features

Fontech’s solution is especially well-suited for offload scenarios. Its powerful AAA system provides seamless offload (via EAP-SIM authentication) and WiFi-cellular interworking, taking advantage of the synergies from HetNets.

Simplified hotspot network deployment using Fontech’s CPE Software (transformation of CPE footprint into a WiFi network in a matter of days)

Carrier-grade connectivity and tight mobile core integration:

  • Multiple authentication mechanisms: EAP (SIM, TTLS,  AKA, AKA’), Open SSID (WISPr), external sources (Radius, LDAP, Active directory)
  • RADIUS accounting per session including time usage, volume usage, and lawful interception data. CDRs configurable per integration
  • Integration with mobile core systems (quota management, policy lookup, session management…)

API-based Integration

Advanced connection manager capabilities (app or SDK)

Enhanced quality of experience management

Want to take WiFi Offload further?

Move traffic easily and seamlessly between WiFi and cellular with our Connectivity Experience Solution

WiFi Offload architecture


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