Drive new revenue from WiFi networks


Sell access to WiFi and leverage new revenue opportunities

By opening WiFi up to a pay-per-access approach to both people and things requiring connectivity, operators can gain new revenue sources and leads, make strategic partnerships, and stand at the forefront of IoT initiatives. With Fontech’s carrier-grade WiFi Monetization Solution, CSPs can grant WiFi connectivity to end-users and connected devices under multiple business models, implement advertising strategies, and enable WiFi access wholesale deals.

Fontech’s WiFi Monetization Solution will help you



Offer a customizable WiFi experience


Grant access to both users and things


Choose from a variety of monetization schemes


Quickly adapt to changing market needs

Key benefits

Cloud-based architecture for centralized network management
High scalability and availability
Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support allowing for network segmentation
Multiple authentication methods and monetization models
Open, pluggable, and vendor-agnostic for rapid and easy integration
Customizable look and feel of the WiFi experience

British Telecom

BT deployed a residential hotspot network to offer its subscribers free WiFi connectivity on the move and generate new revenues.


Users per month


Hotspots deployed


Churn reduction

Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:

WiFi Service Management Platform

A powerful platform that lets you manage, operate, and monetize carrier-class WiFi services from one place

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Monetization Module

A component that allows you to define how to grant pay-per-access connectivity

Roaming Module

A component that provides you with detailed visibility on traffic as well as agreements


Professional services

A series of services delivered by our specialist team so you don’t have to worry about integration

Managed services

A series of additional services to assist you with day-to-day activities


Step up your deployment

Fontech offers a complementary solution to deploy and manage a community WiFi hotspot network and unlock new WiFi applications. 

Unlock lucrative use cases and deliver WiFi services beyond your subscribers