WiFi Monetization

Further capitalize on your WiFi infrastructure

Increased demand for WiFi from both people and things has driven many service providers to make significant investment in WiFi networks to meet this new appetite. There are now unparalleled opportunities to turn these WiFi deployments into revenue generators!


By implementing monetization strategies, you can reap benefits beyond those directly associated with WiFi Offload and granting free WiFi access to your customer base when they are on the go.


Fontech provides you with cutting-edge technology for implementing a wide range of monetization strategies, whether you are looking to target the consumer or business segment.

Consumer segment


Get direct revenue from users who have an occasional need for WiFi connectivity, selling limited time WiFi passes. Select the desired passes and payment methods.

Free WiFi trials and promo codes

Generate new leads by offering free WiFi access for a limited amount of time or for promotional campaigns.

Free WiFi access in exchange for advertising impacts

Use the captive portal as a virtual billboard to promote your own products and services, or gain revenue from partnerships with other companies.

Business segment

Wholesale WiFi

Many industry segments require WiFi for their offering (including WiFi MVNOs or device manufacturers) but don’t want to, or can’t, deploy their own WiFi networks. This need is skyrocketing as the IoT ecosystem expands. With Fontech’s solution, CSPs have all of the features necessary for managing the wholesaling and accounting of bulk traffic to 3rd parties who need WiFi access for their products.

Benefits for consumer monetization strategies

CSP benefits

New revenue streams: generate income beyond your customer base

Lead generation: turn non-customers into customers

Flexible selection of multiple business models with minimal time to market (TTM)


Promotion: promote your products and services or enter into agreements with partners


Brand awareness: an SSID bearing the name of the CSP makes the brand visible to potential customers

End user benefits

Customers enjoy connectivity whenever then need it, wherever they are, and with full flexibility through a trusted brand

They do not have to tie themselves to a periodic data plan

Benefits for business monetization strategies

CSP benefits

Turn unused capacity into a new source of revenue

Enable B2B2C revenue models: Wholesale to 3rd party service providers

Build strategic partnerships

Capture revenues from growing markets:

  • IoT & WiFi enabled devices which need connectivity
  • Sell offloading capacity to MNOs, MVNOs

Business benefits

WiFi connectivity without high network investments

User story

fon wifi spot

I need broadband connection at my holiday home

fon wifi pass

…but I’m not there enough to sign up for a plan

fon wifi portal

With a WiFi pass, I can connect whenever I need it from wherever I am.

The customer experience

A public bicycle service wants to feature bikes with WiFi connectivity that transmit usage patterns and cycling routes to a big data server for future business intelligence analysis…


…but it can’t afford to deploy and maintain its own WiFi network infrastructure.


A national CSP wholesales its unused capacity to the public bicycle service.

Key features

Fontech’s solution provides all the functionalities and flexibility CSPs need to deploy the very best monetization schemes for each of their business goals. WSMP allows for an easy, centralized service configuration and for multiple monetization schemes that can be applied to each network segmentation specifically.

Advanced charging and billing real-time system

Pre-integrated with the most popular payment gateways (credit cards, PayPal)

Highly customizable captive portal

Powerful data analysis capabilities:

Customer segmentation and access policy assignment

Extensive service configuration and segmentation:User-oriented web dashboard (WSMP console) for configuring all aspects of the service

  • Multiple pass configuration (price, time, taxes, currency)
  • Payment method selection
  • Free trial configuration (time, promo codes)
  • Promotional campaign management
  • Captive portal customization
  • Selection of required/optional user credentials for accessing the service, including Facebook login
WiFi Monetization architecture


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