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Take advantage of the full potential of your WiFi products with the support of our professional services team through all stages of WiFi service delivery. Our team has over a decade of experience in deploying carrier-grade WiFi solutions. We have proudly assisted a variety of customers, including telco operators, WISPs, and Integrators, to deploy and integrate carrier WiFi solutions globally.

Our portfolio of services includes:

1. Deployment and integration: Tailored integration and configuration of our solutions for your business needs

When the time comes to launch your project, our experts can assist you with any or all of the standard configuration and integration of our solutions. We specialize in integrating our WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP), Connectivity Experience Solution, and Enterprise Control Solution with existing infrastructure, networks, and BSS/OSS. We work closely with our clients to ensure a personalized service.

The main phases of this professional service are:

Solution design, guaranteeing optimal architectural design integration, and providing all necessary documentation

Specific customisation, to tailor user interfaces (such as captive portal and app) to the desired user experience and branding, based on standard mock-ups

Configuration and integration, leaving systems ready for e2e testing


Operations setup, transferring knowledge and procedures to the responsible operational teams

2. Installation on site

Fontech’s solutions are more cost effective when delivered from the cloud as SaaS, however, we can deploy a dedicated instance of our WSMP or VMNAC to one of your data centres if required. Our experts will provide the requirements and installation designs as well as install and configure the platform in your facilities.

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3. CPE professional services: A worry free CPE deployment

If you have decided to deploy a WiFi network leveraging your residential CPE footprint (i.e. via Fontech’s CPE Software), Fontech will provide your CPE suppliers all required documentation and software to ensure your CPEs are compatible with Fontech’s WiFi solution. However, in order to guarantee smooth, worry-free implementation, you have the option to contract two possible services:

– CPE support: Our engineers will assist your CPE supplier throughout the implementation of new services.

– CPE certification: Our experts will make sure that the CPE is fully compliant with our service specifications and meets our quality standards before production release.

4. Fontech WiFi solutions training: Empowerment through a high-quality training program

Gain in-depth knowledge of our solutions. Our high-quality training program was designed to give you a deeper and specialized understanding of our products. These training sessions are fully customised to your needs, and can be hosted at Fon offices or on-site.


5. Technical professional services: The technical expertise you need

Leverage the expertise of our technical experts in WiFi solution configuration, development, and integration. You can contract this professional service at any time. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure success. This service category features three professional services that you can contract individually:

Technical consulting, some technical activities may seem daunting. We understand you may not have the in-house technical expertise necessary to carry out certain projects. Our technical consultants are ready to help.

Custom developments, our WiFi solutions were built to adapt to your needs, but we understand that there may be times when you need custom developments that go beyond standard configurations. Fontech can develop customized software for you to take advantage of the full potential of our solutions.

Testing, our Professional Services Team can provide comprehensive testing for specific products, services, and solutions that will be used with Fontech’s WiFi solutions.

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