Control QoE on your WiFi networks

The benefits of deploying community WiFi networks are widely accepted by operators who recognize the possibilities of cost savings through offload and WiFi-first strategies. But the majority of today’s community WiFi deployments are only best-effort, leaving providers with very little control over their end-user quality of experience (QoE). In order to get the most out of deployments, they must ensure a carrier-grade service.


With Fontech’s WiFi SON Solution, CSPs can optimize their community WiFi network performance. The solution gives operators an unprecedented level of control over their CPE radio resources, enabling features such as interference mitigation, client and band steering, self-configuration, and self-healing, in addition to complete visibility over their community WiFi network. This solution is key for strategies such as WiFi-first and offload.


Fontechs WiFi SON Solution will help you

Manage the radio resources of your community WiFi networks
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Ensure a cellular-like experience for end users
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Obtain information on the delivered performance
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Understand usage of your hotspot networks


Active tracking and automatic repair of network issues before they affect service

Band and client steering to ensure optimal customer QoE

Radio resource management (RRM) for the dynamic provision and tuning of radio resources

Automated configuration process, radio optimization, and airtime management

Real-time visibility and analytics of the WiFi environment

Automatic fault tracking and fault recovery

Fontechs WiFi SON Solution includes:

WiFi SON CPE cloud server

A powerful server that captures real-time WiFi performance, mitigates issues, and features tools to optimize QoE

WiFi SON agent

A thin agent that collects metrics from CPEs and delivers them to the cloud server using minimal resources

Ready to take your WiFi strategy to the next level?