Gain powerful customer insights with WiFi


Leverage WiFi to better understand customers

Physical retailers need to gather analytics to better understand customers’ behaviour, develop highly-relevant marketing campaigns, and increase engagement. Offering customers WiFi can help them to do so. With Fontech’s WiFi Solution for Retail and Large Venues, the configuration and customization of guest WiFi is easier than ever and advanced location-based services give retailers and venue owners the valuable data they need to drive better business decisions.


Key benefits


Get to know customers and make better, data-lead decisions


Generate additional revenue streams


Create a richer in-store experiencie


Increase mobile app adoption


Strengthen customer conversion and retention


Easy, centralized management of multiple locations


Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:


WiFi Service Management Platform

A software platform that lets SPs manage and monetize WiFi flexibly from one centralized location

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Connection Manager

An easy to integrate SDK or app that keeps customers seamlessly connected

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Enterprise Control

An intuitive tool to easily manage employee network access policies

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Location-based services

A powerful set of tools that gives retailers and venue owners unprecedented customer insights

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Use cases


Get to know customers better by gaining insights on traffic and movement patterns in order to make better decisions.

Create richer in-store experiences which will strengthen customer conversion and retention.

Provide secure and controlled access for employees on personal and corporate devices with Enterprise Control.

Take advantage of the benefits WiFi has to offer