Learn the latest. Our reports include trends and KPIs in today’s WiFi ecosystem, and our datasheets describe Fontech’s WiFi products, solutions, and services.

Analysys Mason’s “Maximising the benefits of offering home Wi-Fi for fixed broadband operators”

Fixed broadband operators that have visibility and control of their subscribers’ home WiFi experience have an unprecedented opportunity to improve satisfaction, reduce churn, and minimize support costs. And beyond these benefits, it is a valuable opportunity to unlock new business potential and reduce the importance of other OTT players. But, what recommendations should operators follow to fulfill these goals? Find out more by downloading the whitepaper.

Analysys Mason’s “Managed Service Provider WiFi Networks: Opportunities for growth abound”

Managed service providers (MSPs) have significant opportunities to grow their WiFi businesses in forthcoming years. Such providers can target public venues, enterprises, and mobile network operators (MNOs) as potential customers. The webinar will cover these opportunities as well as specific Fontech’s solutions that can help MSPs expand their business in the WiFi area.

Analysys Mason’s “Capitalising on new Wi-Fi opportunities”

WiFi is still a core part of many operators’ propositions, but how operators use it to address many of the business challenges they face? This white paper discusses some of these key challenges and actionable recommendations to help operators take advantage of new business opportunities that WiFi deployments can offer.

Juniper’s “Mobile Data Offload & Onload: Key Takeaways & Vendor Landscape”

Juniper’s report provides a complete overview of current and future data offload and onload models. Within the report, you’ll find forecasts on market sizing (ARPU, traffic), as well as strategic recommendations and a vendor analysis which features a profile of Fon as an Established Leader.

In-Store Public WiFi: The expectation of WiFi everywhere

Customer expectations for continual access to WiFi are growing and show no signs of slowing down. Businesses that embrace this demand and provide WiFi are able to offer more attractive amenities, generate new sources of revenue, and capture high-value clients.

WiFi’s Undisputed Success

The remarkable adoption of WiFi among users has transformed the communications market which continues to grow and evolve. This increase in traffic over WiFi presents unique opportunities for service providers to offer better services and experience to customers while reducing churn, increasing loyalty, and optimising costs through offloading.

WiFi’s Role in the IoT ecosystem

IoT is on the brink of disrupting the IT market and is predicted to generate enormous revenue within the sector. WiFi is essential for this increase in connected devices, and providers who offer it are poised to turn their infrastructural investments into new sources of revenue.

Managed Service Provider WiFi Networks: Significant Opportunities for Growth Abound


Venue owners, enterprises, and MNOs need to use WiFi as part of their business strategies but may not have the technological capacity or know-how to deploy the infrastructure themselves. MSPs can do it for them so that they can focus resources on their core businesses.

WiFi for Education (SP)

In this webinar, we explain how Fontech’s WiFi Solution for Education enables the sector to take control over their WiFi networks: Who is connected? When? And from where? For both students and academic staff, access is secure and integrated with providers such as Google and Microsoft 365. During the webinar, you’ll be able to see a demonstration of how the service is configured, as well as the end user experience of simply connecting oneself to the network.


Please note, this webinar is in Spanish.

Wifi for edu webinar

Home WiFi to the max: Recommendations for fixed operators

This webinar analyses the current situation faced by operators who are struggling to deliver the home WiFi experience customers expect, in part due to the exponentially growing number of connected devices. It also explains how Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution empowers operators to meet end user needs, stand out in a competitive market, and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Fontech Home WiFi: Enabling operators to deliver exceptional WiFi experiences

Iurgi Arginzoniz, CINO at Fon, chatted to Light Reading during Mobile World Congress 2018 about Home WiFi, the company’s latest solution. Following the announcement of the integration of Qualcomm Technologies’ mesh networking technology with Home WiFi’s remote management system, Iurgi explained why operators need this solution, and what makes it stand out from the market.

Managed Service Provider WiFi Networks: Opportunities for growth abound

MSPs can add value through WiFi and come to the rescue of enterprises, public venues, and MNOs.

MWC 2017: Fon’s highlights

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress certainly did not disappoint! An action-packed 4 days for everyone involved, Fon had a busy agenda filled with meetings, a keynote presentation, as well as interviews about our cutting-edge WiFi Service Management Platform.

WiFi Offload – deployment-ready use case

Meet growing connectivity demands and provide better coverage at a fraction of the price by migrating expensive cellular data to WiFi.

WiFi Offload - deployment-ready use case

WiFi Monetization – deployment-ready use case

Capitalize on your WiFi network investments. Offer WiFi and get revenues, leads, and brand recognition in return!

WiFi Monetization - deployment-ready use case

WiFi On the Go – deployment-ready use case

Let your subscribers connect to WiFi, even once they’ve left home! A better experience can lead to reduced churn, increased loyalty, and new customers!

WiFi On the Go - deployment-ready use case

WiFi as a Service – deployment-ready use case

Now you can help your business clients provide easy, secure, tailored, and self-managed WiFi at their establishments!

WiFi as a Service - deployment-ready use case

Webinar: Capitalizing on new WiFi Opportunities

Find out how WiFi can help operators meet many of the biggest challenges they face in today’s market in this webinar with Analysys Mason!  

Webinar: Capitalizing on new WiFi Opportunities

Fontech: Empowering operators to combat current challenges with WiFi

Miguel Vicario, Product Management Director at Fontech, had the pleasure of talking to Mónica Valle of Bit Life Media at Mobile World Congress about the role of WiFi in our ever connected lives. As Mónica put it, you can’t attend the biggest mobile event globally and not talk about the technology that we all rely on everyday to stay connected.