Fontech partners

Channel partners

Grow your business by becoming a Fontech channel partner.

Fontech Partner program is designed to empower you to expand your portfolio, business opportunities, and profitability with our carrier grade WiFi products.


By becoming a Fontech channel partner, system integrators, value-added resellers (VARs), and installers can take full advantage of the complete potential of Fontech’s product portfolio.


A paradigm shift in WiFi services provision

From our experience, Integrators have traditionally developed ad hoc solutions for their customers.These solutions have proven to be effective in the past, but in an increasingly complex and competitive market Integrators must go for a more efficient approach. With Fontech they have the opportunity of minimizing risks and avoiding the usual issues related to ad hoc solutions.

Without Fontech’s solutions

Ad hoc solution for each project

High maintenance and operational costs

Complicated or non-existent upgrading cycles

Fragmented management

Little scalability and flexibility

With Fontech’s solutions

Integrated and centralized solution for all projects

Optimized maintenance and operational costs

Fast response time

Centralized management

High scalability. Pay-as-you-grow

Partner with us

We are looking for partners all over the world. If you are a systems integrator, distributor, consultancy company, or infrastructure company, we want to work with you. Get in touch with us today.

We provide the tools you need to become experts in delivering WiFi services, helping you grow your sales and improve customer satisfaction. We have seen the growth of the WiFi ecosystem firsthand, and we want you to be part of the evolution. Start working with the undisputed leader of Carrier Class WiFi solutions. Join our partner program today.

Technology partners

Fontech works hand-in-hand with global technology leaders to guarantee a worry-free integration into our clients’ operational framework. We offer certification of specific products to bring Fontech services to our partners’ hardware, delivering seamless interoperability with minimal configuration and ensuring reduced deployment periods.

Interested in becoming a Fontech Partner?