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WiFi that’s more than just WiFi

WiFi has proliferated every aspect of our lives, but this doesn’t mean it has to be a commodity! Give your all of your clients the ability to offer WiFi that’s monetized, secure, compliant, easy, and flexible. And that’s just the beginning.

Our partners are able to...



Stand out from the competition


Build new recurrent revenue


Increase customer retention rates

Show off

Free pilots, limited-time trials


MDFs and other co-marketing actions


Ongoing pre-sales and support training

Why become of Fontech Channel Partner?

We’re the only vendor worldwide that can provide the right answer to the needs of all customers. That means we can help you with a complete end-to-end WiFi management solution that covers all possible WiFi experiences: Guest, corporate, and at home WiFi.

Partner with us as a Distributor, Certified Partner, or Registered Partner to tap into new markets from just the angle you need. We’re ready, eager, and able to support you all the way through!

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