WiFi On the Spot


Generate new revenue streams by opening your WiFi Services to all on a pay per access approach

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There are many reasons why a customer may need WiFi without needing to change service providers – travelling, exceeding mobile data allowance, or waiting for installation of a fixed broadband service. WiFi On the Spot grants this connectivity in a pay-per-access approach in which payment in exchange for WiFi can vary .


A hassle-free user experience is also guaranteed

Customers connecting to the WiFi network will be lead to a captive portal to make the chosen payment on a one-step process, and will require no further interaction until the time WiFi granted access expires.

Different redemption mechanisms for different goals

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Direct revenue

Customers purchase WiFi for a fee

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Lead generation

Customers log in with contact details which can later be used as a tool to turn non-customers into customers

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Brand promotion

Advertising impacts can be used to promote your own services, or can be used to sponsor business partner’s products

Benefits for your customers

Customers enjoy connectivity when and where they need it with full flexibility


They do not have to tie themselves to a periodic data plan

Benefits for you

New revenue streams: Generate incomes beyond your customer base


Lead generation: Turn “non customers” into “customers”


Monetise with various business models: Provide WiFi access in exchange for:

  • A prepaid access pass
  • A voucher/coupon
  • Contact details
  • Advertisement impact


Promotion: Serve dynamic Ads in captive Portal, promoting your products and services or enter into agreements with advertising companies that deliver brand campaigns.


Brand awareness: SSID is a good way to create awareness for the telco and show potential customers that the telco is available


User Story

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I need broadband connection at my holiday home

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Every summer I buy a 15 day WiFi voucher to enjoy connectivity during my annual leave

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With WiFi On the Spot I get connectivity when and where I need it

Key features

Deliver a flexible, convenient pay-per-access WiFi service to your customers with our WiFi on the Spot service. We provide all of the functionalities and features for a guaranteed seamless deployment:

Online / Offline shop for selection and purchase of access, including purchasing in advance (for example, purchase a pass now in your home country to use upon arrival at final destination)

Multiple payment methods including major credit cards, Paypal, Amazon payment, and payment via premium SMS, Boku

Promotional vouchers with limited or unlimited validity in terms of time, type of hotspot (standard or premium access), etc.

Customisable passes for short/long term periods

Multi-currency functionality and configurable taxation settings to support geographically distributed clients

Invoices, notices or other tax or sales documents sent to customers to accompany the sale of Internet access or other services

Post-auth advertising

Multi-format, Multi-device support

Location and network segmentation based ads


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Operators like BT generated new

revenue streams with WiFi on the Spot

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