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Our clients trust Fon exclusively with their WiFi strategy. Every single one is a success story in and of itself. Fon has assisted more than 20 service providers in the deployment and integration of their WiFi solutions across 5 continents. We are proud to say we have over a decade of experience in deploying carrier grade WiFi solutions, all over the globe, for some of the world’s leading telecommunication companies.

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WiFi as a strategical move for telco operators.


Fon has proudly assisted more than 20 telecommunication service providers in the deployment and integration of their Carrier WiFi solutions. Though every deployment was different in nature and each client pursued different goals, they all had one thing in common: Fon’s Carrier WiFi Solution as the complement to their traditional propositions, driving positive business results.

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Vodafone Spain disrupts the small & medium business market with its WiFi for business solution.

Vodafone targeted the business and medium segment with a convergent proposition that was complemented with a Guest WiFi Professional service that allowed owners of a small or medium establishment to offer safe and high quality WiFi to its customers.

Wireless Gate deploys its first Public WiFi network in one of Japan’s largest Ski Resort.

With Fon’s WiFi solutions Wireless Gate was able to partner with the Niseko Ski Board to provide free WiFi access. WiFi was leveraged as a tool to attract tourism, enhance customer experience and promote activities in one of the highest value skiing locations worldwide.

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NOS closes a Wholesale deal with Nintendo to enable its 3DS consoles automatic and free Internet access.

Portuguese operator NOS was able to wholesale its unused capacity to Nintendo to offer WiFi connectivity to its 3DS consoles for online playing. While NOS enjoyed a new revenue stream, Nintendo provided its customers with a great user experience without the hassle of deploying and maintaining WiFi infrastructure.

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Yokohama Chinatown creates a tourist friendly environment with the help of Fon’s WiFi management services.

Yokohama, is the largest Chinatown in Japan, hosting over 21 million visitors a year. In order to provide the best visitor experience, Yokohama Trade Union partnered with Fon, and gave its members with a Guest WiFi enabled router that provides Free WiFi access to their end customers through a portal. This captive portal is leveraged as a marketing tool to promote Yokohama’s offerings and activities

Hokkaido Roadside Stations now to offer free WiFi to boost tourism.

Hokkaido region includes a wide range of touristic sites as well as roads, ports, airports and public roadside stations. Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau (HRDB), identified high-quality free WiFi as the perfect element to promote roadside stations, enhance their visitors’ experience, and increase tourism, partnering with Fon for this purpose.

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