Location-based services (LBS)


Understand customers like never before

Take advantage of our set of advanced Location-based services (LBS) that gives physical retailers, as well as hotel managers and business owners of all verticals, the power to gain insights on all types of customer behaviour and transform them into action, competitive advantages, and new revenue streams.

Fontech’s LBS will allow retailers and venue owners to



Collect high-value data on customer behaviour


Understand real-time business insights


Leverage data to drive marketing campaigns


Adapt staff management and store or venue layout

LBS modules


WiFi analytics


Marketing campaigns


Heat maps


People counters


Queue management


Gather key metrics on customer behavior to understand how they interact and behave. Thanks to WiFi analytics, retailers and business owners can find out a whole host of information, including the number of visitors, passersby, and the capture rate, duration of visits, loyalty rate, and comparative performance by date, location, triggered campaigns, etc.

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Create and customize digital campaigns in an agile and simple way, later measuring impact and attribution. Retailers and business owners can easily define audiences, generate custom campaigns, and measure performance and evolution in real time.

Analyze customer activity and movement to optimize the layout. Fontech’s LBS provides two types of heat maps: Traffic maps that identify areas of customer movement, and activity maps that show specific areas in which they stop.

Measure the number of visitors that have entered the store or walked through a specific area in a determined period of time. Business owners and retailers can use this information to discover the most common traffic patterns, establishing which days and hours have the greatest number of visits.

Understand how many clients are waiting in line and how long it takes to attend them. Management can calculate the number of necessary cashiers required at specific times, and set alerts to ensure visitors don’t have to wait for too long, improving customer service.

Leverage WiFi to take advantage of the power of data