Home WiFi Platform

Seize the power to resolve customer issues in real time

Enjoy full visibility and control over home WiFi usage thanks to our powerful SON/RRM-based platform. It provides cloud-based SON intelligence that works with agent functionality on CPEs to optimize WiFi performance KPIs such as throughput, latency and jitter, and boost users’ quality of experience.

Its intelligence and capabilities are available through an open API for easy integration with existing systems, or through dashboards configured for different organization profiles. The dashboards are intuitive user interfaces that provide real-time and historical information on home WiFi performance. Not only can these be leveraged by support and technical teams, but also by other business teams.

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With Fontech’s Home WiFi Platform, you can


Reduce support costs through rapid issue diagnosis


Identify network status and potential problems


Take actions to optimize network performance


Leverage insights to tailor future propositions

Take control of your customers’ home WiFi experience with our technology