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Improve and control your subscribers’ home WiFi experience

Operators are struggling to deliver the home WiFi service subscribers expect because they lack adequate support tools and visibility over the service they offer. High customer care costs are taking their toll and, to make matters worse, new OTT players are taking away CSPs’ control over the home WiFi experience. Our end-to-end Home WiFi Solution lets you improve WiFi coverage in your customers’ homes, giving you complete visibility and control over the service and the power to solve any potential issues.


Key benefits


Reduced customer support costs


Increased NPS


Differentiation in the market


New business potential


New revenue sources


Total control of the home WiFi experience


Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:


Home WiFi Platform

A powerful SON/RRM-based platform that gives you visibility and control over home WiFi usage

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Home WiFi Software for CPEs and extenders

A software that allows you to communicate between the Home WiFi Platform and any CPE or extender

Home WiFi SDK/Consumer app

An SDK (or app) that reduces your customer support burden by letting end users configure and manage their home WiFi service

Home WiFi extenders

Advanced WiFi extenders that will help you significantly increase home WiFi coverage

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