WiFi as a Service

Go beyond delivering guest WiFi solutions

WiFi is now a must have amenity for every consumer-facing business, but for venue owners, providing a WiFi service that adds value beyond connectivity while complying with regulations is difficult.


The market has responded by providing a wide range of guest WiFi solutions, but Fontech has taken guest WiFi a step further with WiFi as a Service (WaaS). More than a one-size-fits-all solution, WaaS gives CSPs the power and flexibility to offer tailored WiFi connectivity and services to a myriad of business types.


The most distinctive feature of WaaS is that it supports an N-level hierarchical structure, which means that you can group hotspots according to desired criteria, such as customer type or geographical location. You have the power to tailor the solution to each client, by defining ideal business models, WiFi experiences, and monetization models at each hierarchical segmentation. So WaaS can be offered to all types of businesses: from single-location venues, to large corporations, across many different verticals.

CSP benefits

High-value customer acquisition (enterprises, SMBs, municipalities)

Opportunity to capture high-valued locations within the WiFi footprint

Compliant with security and regulatory obligations

Centralized management, and operation from the cloud

Easy integration into service portfolio


Revenue increase


Churn reduction

Business owner benefits

Professional guest WiFi service from the cloud

Off-the-shelf, ready to use solution

Compliant with regulatory obligations

Branded WiFi experience provided

Usage statistics provide detailed customer information  

Promotion of products and services

User story

Fon user story 2

My service provider has offered me a WiFi as a Service solution which is easy-to-use, and plug & play

Fon wifi service

… but my expertise is food, not IT. I need a worry-free service

Fon user story

Now, I can: provide a branded WiFi experience, know my customers, and promote my products and offerings.

Key features

Fontech’s solution provides all the functionalities and flexibility CSPs need to deliver tailored guest WiFi solutions from the cloud. Fontech’s WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP) stands at the center of the Solution and allows for an easy, centralized and extensive service segmentation and configuration via the WSMP console:

User-friendly web control panel used to configure all aspects of the service

Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support

Tailored service configuration for different clients and businesses

Individual access privileges tailored to service operator profiles (customer care, operations, marketing, etc.)

Activation of different services and business models

End-to-end visibility of the network hierarchy (users, APs, AP segments) which allows for full service management and support

End user access mode configuration (user/password, Facebook login or click to connect)

Selection of monetization strategies (paid pass, free, promotional)

Currency and tax configuration

Payment method selection (PayPal and/or credit card)

Captive portal customization

Configurable number of devices allowed per customer

Powerful data analysis capabilities

WiFi as a Service architecture


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