Guest WiFi Solution

Guest WiFi: The must-have asset for your portfolio

Wireless coverage can increase a property’s value by 28% on average. Venue and business owners across all verticals should leverage WiFi networks in order to improve customer satisfaction, create new digital engagement opportunities, and gain valuable customer insights.


An unlimited number of business segments and verticals can benefit from our solution which allows an efficient and centrally-managed approach to guest WiFi.

Customized configuration, captive portal, logos, connection modes, and monetization

One single platform to manage any number of locations

Reporting and business intelligence

The solution

Our Guest WiFi Solution enables the deployment, configuration, and management of guest WiFi hotspot networks. From access control to user experience definition and technical configurations, our solution covers every aspect of guest WiFi network management.


Use this solution to offer guest WiFi services to your end customers, under different business models

fon solution

Key features

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Cloud or on-premise centralized platform

Open & pluggable - API

High scalability and availability


Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy

Fully customizable: Captive portal, logo, authentication methods

Multiple monetization models: Pay-per-access, free WiFi trials, promo codes, advertising

Monitoring, analytics, and reporting

fon wifi experience

Unlimited business sectors covered

Since each vertical has its own specific requirements, Fontech’s solution was designed to be so powerful that it adapts perfectly to every single one of them.


Our goal is for you to offer the ultimate WiFi experience to your customers, no matter what your business, while driving away all complexity in management, design, customization, and operation while minimizing risks.

What we provide


A portfolio designed to cover every aspect of your WiFi deployment

WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP)

A cloud-based, hierarchical platform for the management of WiFi services in hotspot networks.

Connection Manager

An application on the user device for seamless and automatic access to the WiFi hotspots.

Team of experts:

Trained to minimize risks, provide a flawless integration, and help you make the most of your WiFi network

Professional services

Our team of experts will assist you in multiple aspects: from selecting suitable topology and deployment approach, to designing the integration specifically for your infrastructure, to choosing the most adequate monetization strategies, among many other aspects.

Vendor agnostic


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