Guest WiFi as a Service

The increased demand for ubiquitous connectivity

People expect to be connected no matter where they are, and as a result WiFi has become a must-have for every consumer-facing business. But venue owners looking to offer connectivity to their customers have experienced great difficulties in providing a WiFi service that adds value beyond connectivity, while complying with regulatory obligations.


On top of that, many businesses aren’t IT-oriented, nor do they have the budget or expertise to deliver complex WiFi solutions: they are looking for something flexible, easy to use, secure, and tailored to their needs.

The opportunity

In this scenario Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Integrators are in a privileged position to deliver guest WiFi services to their customers, enhancing their value propositions, increasing revenues, and attracting clients from all kinds of verticals.


Fontech’s solution provides all the functionalities and flexibility MSPs and Integrators need to deliver tailored guest WiFi solutions from the cloud. Fontech’s WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP), the solution’s cornerstone, allows for an easy, centralized service configuration.

MSPs and Integrators benefits

High-value customer acquisition (enterprises, SMBs, municipalities)

Off-the-shelf, ready to use solution

Centralized management, and operation from the cloud, allowing easy software updates and problem solving

Easy integration into service portfolio

High scalability, adding or removing Access Points as necessary – pay as you grow

Revenue increase

Business owner benefits

Professional guest WiFi service from the cloud

Provision of a branded WiFi experience

Information about customers through usage statistics

Promotion of products and services

Multiple authentication options adapted to different legal requirements

Monetization options – free access, promo codes, time-based passes, etc

Integrated payment platform – easy and fast payments by credit cards, paypal, etc.

Increased venue value

User story


A public railway company wants to offer WiFi in 50 stations across the country.


WiFi provides travellers with a great experience while they wait, and is a fantastic tool to promote stores and services at the station.


No need to deploy ad hoc expensive solution.

Fon user story

Guest WiFi supports: centralized service management from the cloud, hierarchical layers, users self-provision tool, sponsored/pay-per-access schemes.

Tailored WiFi connectivity and services for any business vertical

Since each vertical has its own specific requirements, Fontech’s powerful Guest WiFi Solution is designed to adapt perfectly to each and every one of them. Below are some examples of the main benefits for each vertical:


WiFi in retail is necessary for providing a better experience to customers, maximizing sales opportunities, and engaging with shoppers. Fontech’s solution gives the retail vertical everything it needs, including guest WiFi access service configuration, in-store coupon generation, promotion advertisements, and analytics generated to help better understand customers.


More and more cities are offering free and paid guest WiFi in public spaces, such as parks and streets. Fontech’s Guest WiFi Solution is perfect for such deployments because it allows for different types of access methods, as well as the possibility of selling passes in order to monetize the network. Additionally, captive portals can be customized to promote tourist attractions, advertise restaurants and shops, provide traffic and weather reports, and keep residents updated on the latest news. 


Our solution is adapted and ready to support the WiFi4EU initiative. More information here.

Large venues

Uploading videos to social networks, messaging friends, checking the next event on the schedule, or searching for the nearest food stands. Users are highly active online when spending time in venues. Using Fontech’s solution, concert halls, stadiums, convention centers, and other large venues can reap the benefits of offering the best guest WiFi service to their visitors.


Additionally, multiple SSIDs can be configured and managed separately, providing a customized experience to the different groups of users. For example, venues can tailor the service to ensure the best connectivity experience for VIP clients. 


Hotels lacking WiFi will see a direct drop in clientele. Those that do offer WiFi must ensure it is easily accessible and of high quality. Fontech’s solution satisfies these needs and allows easy deployment and centralized management, as well as integration with hotel property management and billing systems, and a hierarchical structure configuration that is flexible enough to suit international chains of any size.

Restaurants, bars, and cafes

Restaurant owners no longer have to resort to sharing their WiFi passwords with clients. Easy and customizable (through Fontech’s WSMP), the captive portal helps their customers connect securely and quickly. Owners can decide how long users can access the WiFi, whilst collecting useful information about them which can be used to launch promotions and offer discounts. Owners can also use the captive portal to notify customers of basic information such as the daily menu.

Leisure and recreation

The leisure and recreation vertical is evolving very quickly. Venues are adopting new technologies in order to interact more closely with spectators, visitors, and clients. From theaters to cinemas, zoos to amusement parks, offering Guest WiFi has become a necessity. But the user experience can be optimized thanks to Fontech’s Guest WiFi Solution and its customizable captive portal which can be programmed to deliver additional information about the venue, such as on-site directions, the location of restaurants, show and activity schedules, as well as offering vouchers and discounts.

Fontech’s Guest WiFi Solution allows for different access modes to be configured, including social login. Not only does this make it easier and faster for users to access the internet, but it also enables leisure and recreation venues to gather valuable information about visitors, such as their age, gender, and location, and use it to adapt their leisure offering according to customers’ characteristics.


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