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Our clients trust Fontech to execute their WiFi strategies. They know that we deliver cutting-edge technology and services, to help them meet their business needs. We work with a broad range of WiFi partners globally, including 20 of the world’s leading telecommunication companies. With over a decade of experience, we have lots of success stories to tell, and lots more in the making!

British Telecom connects broadband subscribers to On-the-go WiFi and monetises their national WiFi network.


BT was one of Fon’s first large-scale carrier customers. In 2008, as part of BT’s aggressive WiFi strategy, BT and Fon launched a service called BT-WiFi with Fon. BT successively converted all of their home broadband WiFi routers into managed WiFi hotspots. With a go-to-market approach, users who had BT WiFi at home would get access to other BT WiFi hotspots and the wider Fon network internationally.


BT deployed two services with Fontech’s platform: WiFi on the Go to connect its customers seamlessly to  BT WiFi hotspots, and WiFi on the Spot, allowing BT to monetise their network giving non subscribers WiFi access for purchasing a pass.


The result was two-fold: a significant increase in customer satisfaction translated directly into lower churn, and new revenue streams were created. Today there are more than 5 million subscribers in the UK with our solution at home, amounting to close to 25% of all British households. As one of the most innovative operators in WiFi, BT has shaped Fon as a company, not only as one of the first carrier partners, but also as a shareholder.

Deutsche Telekom offers a differentiated proposition with WiFi-based services


Germany’s top operator, DT, pursued an “innovation by collaboration strategy”. DT partnered with Fon to build a WiFi network to meet increasing connectivity needs. With this network, DT was able to offer differentiated WiFi-based services such as WLAN TO GO and WiFi Calling.

Fontech helps Telstra build Australia’s largest WiFi network: Telstra Air


Telstra set its goal of creating one of the World’s largest WiFi networks in order to give Australians more ways to connect and a better experience. Telstra Air Network® was set to differentiate Telstra’s value proposition in an increasingly competitive environment.

COSMOTE customers enjoy free and unlimited WiFi Internet access across Greece


Cosmote provided WiFi on The Go service to its customers, resulting in an NPS boost, large customer acquisition, and an extremely successful viral branding campaign.

Oi leverages its WiFi network to generate new leads

Convergent Brazilian operator Oi became the first company in Latin America to offer a ubiquitous WiFi network. Through a savvy adaptation of its WiFi proposition, Oi was able to target all customer types and, most importantly, turn non-subscribers into Oi WiFi users.

Softbank’s WiFi offloading strategy saves millions on mobile network investments


Softbank deployed a complimentary WiFi network when they faced the risk of congestion of its 3G network due to the launch of the iPhone 4S. By offloading traffic from its cellular to WiFi infrastructure, they were able to match the increasing connectivity needs of its customers in a short period of time and cost-effective way.

Proximus blankets Belgium with WiFi in record time and offers great connectivity experience to its customers


Thanks to Fontech WSMP’s scalability, Proximus was able to build a network of over 1.2 million hotspots in only 6 months. Over this network, Proximus was able to offer WiFi on the Go to its customer base, as well as to target occasional users. This not only generated additional revenues, and increased engagement, but it was leveraged as a lead generation tool for acquisition campaigns.

NOS closes a Wholesale deal with Nintendo to enable its 3DS consoles automatic and free Internet access


Portuguese operator NOS was able to wholesale its unused capacity to Nintendo to offer WiFi connectivity to its 3DS consoles for online playing. While NOS enjoyed a new revenue stream, Nintendo provided its customers with a great user experience without the hassle of deploying and maintaining WiFi infrastructure.

Vodafone Spain disrupts the small & medium business market with its WiFi for business solution


Vodafone targeted the business and medium segment with a convergent proposition that was complemented with a Guest WiFi Professional service that allowed owners of a small or medium establishment to offer safe and high quality WiFi to its customers.

Wireless Gate deploys its first Public WiFi network in one of Japan’s largest Ski Resort


With Fontech’s WiFi solutions, Wireless Gate was able to partner with the Niseko Ski Board to provide free WiFi access. WiFi was leveraged as a tool to attract tourism, enhance customer experience, and promote activities in one of the highest-value skiing locations worldwide.

Yokohama Chinatown creates a tourist-friendly environment with the help of Fontech’s WiFi management services


Yokohama is the largest Chinatown in Japan, hosting over 21 million visitors a year. In order to provide the best visitor experience, Yokohama Trade Union partnered with Fontech, and gave its members a guest WiFi-enabled router that provides free WiFi access to their end customers through a portal. This captive portal is leveraged as a marketing tool to promote Yokohama’s offerings and activities.

Hokkaido Roadside Stations now offers free WiFi to boost tourism


The Hokkaido region includes a wide range of tourist sites as well as ports, airports, and public roadside stations. The Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau (HRDB) identified high-quality free WiFi as the perfect element to promote roadside stations, enhance their visitors’ experience, and increase tourism, partnering with Fon for this purpose.

Motosumi-Bremen street offers free WiFi to visitors thanks to Fontech’s Guest WiFi Solution and professional services


Motosumi-Bremen Street is a shopping district located in Kawasaki, Japan. Thanks to Fontech’s Guest WiFi Solution, free WiFi is available all around the street for the more than 20,000 visitors who walk through it every day. Additionally, the 180 businesses around the street can promote their services and advertise their products as well.

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

Capital Town, moving from a top tourist destination to a Smart City


Capital Town, a popular tourist destination, wanted to enhance the visitor experience by offering free WiFi and displaying useful information via the captive portal. The set-up included WiFi hotspots located at various businesses around the city, which opened up their networks in exchange for advertising space on the captive portal. Capital Town would like to build upon this new WiFi infrastructure with a smart city initiative.

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

WiFi helps Festimusic, sponsored by Freshcola, become the top summer music event worldwide


Festimusic, a 3-day festival with an audience of around 170,000, wanted to offer an always-best-connected experience to attendees at the same time as driving increased merchandise sales. It did so, in conjunction with its sponsor Freshcola, thanks to Fon’s WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP). The company successfully delivered a great connectivity experience, at the same time as collecting valuable user data that can be used to advertise its own merchandise, Freshcola’s products, and upcoming events. 

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

ComfyBnB delivers regulatory-compliant WiFi with Fon’s Guest WiFi Solution

Housing rental service company ComfyBnB was searching for a way to provide guest WiFi services to hosts due to increasing demand from rental customers. By distributing CPEs pre-integrated with Fon’s WSMP, the company was able to offer secure and legally compliant WiFi to guests, as well as collect behavioral data to be leveraged in future promotional campaigns.

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

The Burguest will now offer secure WiFi in all its restaurants


After restaurant chain The Burguest´s free WiFi was exploited by fraudsters, the management chose Fon’s Guest WiFi Solution to ensure full regulatory and security compliance. Fon’s Connection Manager was also integrated into The Burguest’s app, adding WiFi access functionalities. In the future, the restaurant chain plans to expand this service and tailor the customer experience to individual locations. It will be able to do so without further infrastructure deployments, thanks to Fon WSMP’s hierarchical structure and scalability.

Potential deployments / Sample deployments

Terra Mall revamps WiFi Service with Fon Professional Services and WiFi Service Management Platform


Terra Mall was looking to improve the customer WiFi experience in terms of the connection quality and registration process, as well as gather some usage statistics. To this end, the company optimized the existing service with the help of Fon’s Guest WiFi Solution and its Professional Services team. Terra Mall’s next steps involve a big data project designed to collect additional information regarding the shopper journey.

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