Enterprises and

business owners

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, enterprises must go for a more efficient and holistic WiFi approach.


Connect and engage

Venue and business owners across all verticals should leverage WiFi networks in order to improve engagement with clients, and take advantage of new opportunities that delivering connectivity has to offer.

Improve customer satisfaction

Create new digital opportunities

Gain valuable customer insights

Our solutions

Delight your customers and deliver return on investment for your business with the latest must-have solutions


Guest WiFi Solution


Connectivity Experience Solution


Make the workplace a more productive environment, and keep your network secure while still offering easy WiFi access for guests


Enterprise Control Solution


Our innovative solutions have been created with every vertical in mind

Enterprises can attract new clients, give customers a reason to stay longer, and gain new insights into customer preferences.

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Engage with today’s connected shoppers

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Restaurants, bars & cafes

Offer controlled access to WiFi

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Give connected guests the WiFi experience they expect

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Offer free and paid guest WiFi in public spaces

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Large venues

Deliver seamless WiFi connectivity across multiple sites

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Other SMBs

Meet connectivity requirements whilst maintaining network security

Interested in taking part in the WiFi4EU initiative?

WiFi4EU is an initiative from the European Commission to promote free WiFi connectivity in public spaces across Europe. Open to public sector bodies who would like to offer free WiFi in areas where it does not exist yet, the €120M budget initiative will fund the costs of equipment and installation.


The European Commission has decided to cancel the first call for applications launched on 15 May. A new call for applications will be launched in the Autumn of 2018. Need more information?


As a technology provider, Fontech can help Integrators to take advantage of this exciting program. Find out how we can help you!


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