Enterprise Control

Authorize access to corporate networks in real time

Ensure secure access on the wireless networks of enterprises by implementing and managing WPA2-Enterprise without the need to invest in complex, on-premise infrastructure. Balancing both network security and usability, Fontech Enterprise Control offers a cutting-edge product for wireless network access security that simplifies the onboarding of devices onto a secure network, giving enterprises the authority over who and what connects to networks in real time. Its intuitive, self-onboarding portal allows employees to configure their devices to access networks as well as simply grant access to corporate guests.

With Fontech’s Enterprise Control you can:


Discover, identify, and monitor devices and users on your network


Authorize every network connection


Mitigate threats to your networks before it’s too late


Integrate with any enterprise’ user directory

Fontech’s Enterprise Control was designed to include many advantages

Cloud multi-tenant platform

No need to invest in complex on-premises infrastructure

Completely agnostic

Interoperable with any hardware, user database, device, and OSS

Real-time visibility

Who, what, and when network connections are happening


Self-onboarding for different operating systems

Network management control

Monitoring and reporting system through dashboards and reports


Centralized management and customization of multiple customer networks

What we provide

Policy enforcement server

Enterprise Control database

Self-onboarding portal

RADIUS-based cloud server

Guest WiFi module

Admin Console

Policy enforcement server

Provides access control based on user authentication and device identification. Access is granted depending on the configured policies. Policies can verify multiple types of requirements, including device authentication, user authentication, user authorization, and location.

Enterprise Control database

A powerful directory that contains all the information about users, their profiles, and the type of access they have. It can be easily synchronized with any enterprise user database and can be used to perform security audits. Reports show users, devices, and their permissions.

Self-onboarding portal

A customizable portal where new hires and current employees can easily self-configure corporate or personal (BYOD) devices. Access is granted with corporate credentials and no technical help is needed as the portal automatically detects the device and operating system and seamlessly downloads and installs the appropriate network profile.

RADIUS-based cloud server

The AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) protocol required to support WPA2-Enterprise. Enterprise Control provides managed RADIUS/AAA and 802.1X access, but with all the advantages of a cloud solution: Less complex, fast implementation, scalable, and cost effective.

Guest WiFi module

A powerful tool that ensures external consultants, clients, and other enterprise visitors can properly access the network, but in a controlled and limited manner, through a corporate guest’s captive portal.

Admin Console

A user-friendly interface that lets administrators and users easily operate the service. Different modules allow for configuration, monitoring, and control actions with real-time reports.

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