Enterprise Control


Control the access to your network and streamline every step of the onboarding process

Both control and visibility are essential for enterprises managing their network infrastructure. Fontech Enterprise Control is a cloud management platform that ensures secure access on the wireless networks of enterprises, allowing WPA2-Enterprise to be implemented and managed without investing in complex, on-premises infrastructure.


Our solution grants you the power to enforce appropriate, policy-based access controls over multiple user groups, based on an unparalleled range of choices. And all of this can be done simply, centrally, and affordably. After that, employees can follow an easy self-onboarding process to configure their devices and access the proper network resources. 


The strength of Fontech’s solution is its integrability with any enterprise’s users directory database.


One flexible solution for multiple use cases

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Secure access

Authorize varying levels of access to different user groups, based on specifically defined permissions

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Grant and manage access of employees’ personal devices on enterprise networks

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Guest WiFi

Securely meet the connectivity needs of visitors, clients, and contractors in an enterprise environment

The solution

Fontech offers a cutting-edge solution for wireless network access security that gives enterprises the authority over which users and devices are connecting to their networks in real time. Its intuitive self-onboarding portal allows employees to configure their devices to access WPA2-Enterprise networks, guaranteeing easy and secure access to WiFi.


Additionally, for service providers or operators managing multiple networks for a variety of enterprises, Fontech’s Enterprise Control Solution is multi-tenant, which allows for the simple, central management of an infinite number of networks.


Easy implementation and management of WPA2-Enterprise

Fully cloud-managed and hardware-agnostic platform

Integration with cloud and on-premises directory services, for example G-Suite, Office 365, Active Directory, etc.

User-friendly self-onboarding for different operating systems including iOS/OSX, Linux, Windows, and Android

Easy policy management based on users and devices

Guest WiFi support: Invitation management, guest user invitation portal, captive portal customization support, calendar integration

Network management control: Monitoring and reporting system through dashboards and reports

Multi-tenant: Centralized management and customization of multiple customer networks

Device management: Used to perform a local device inventory of all network equipment

Enterprise Control Managed Services

Enterprise Control Service Management Operation

Operate the Enterprise Control, and hence the enterprise network, policies and users, on your behalf. Our Enterprise Control offers an intuitive user-friendly web interface that provides full autonomous management of the network security and control service, including policy, user, and device management. With this managed service, Fontech offers you the possibility of outsourcing these tasks, eliminating the need to allocate internal staff and resources for these purposes.

Enterprise Control Administrator Support and Monitoring Center

Give support to your clients (businesses that have acquired your Enterprise Control Solution). Enterprise Control is built for SPs to be able to provide a security and control solution to enterprises for their wireless networks. These enterprises may require support to solve issues that may potentially arise. With this managed service, Fontech’s experts support businesses with any of their queries on your behalf, through a specific web interface that can be fully branded to your requirements.

Enterprise Control Solution at a glance
Illustration of Fontech's Enterprise Control Platform

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