Offer controlled access to corporate WiFi


Control every connection to your corporate network in real time

WiFi access is essential to both employees and guests but network security is a concern for workplaces of all types. Fontech’s WiFi Solution for Workplaces makes it easy for IT teams to implement WPA2-Enterprise and gives them real-time visibility and control of the users and devices accessing the networks.


Key benefits


Easy implementation of WPA2-Enterprise


Simple self-onboarding to free up IT teams


Painless activation of BYOD policies


Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring


Simple but secure Guest WiFi service


Compatible with existing infrastructure


Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:


Enterprise Control

An intuitive tool to easily manage employee network access policies

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Use cases


Give employees the power to configure their devices to access the corporate network themselves (regardless of device brand or operating system).

Automatically revoke network access for former employees or any lost device through the Enterprise Control administrator console.

Provide secure and controlled access for employees on personal and corporate devices with Enterprise Control.

Grow your revenue while meeting demand for security-as-a-service