WiFi SON cloud server

Manage radio resources among CPEs with our cutting-edge technology

The WiFi SON cloud server is the brain of Fontech’s unique WiFi SON Solution. Applying the concept of Self-Organizing Networks (SONs) from cellular networks to unlicensed spectrum, it lets CSPs manage the radio resource and gain insights on each hotspot network from one unique platform.

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What we provide

Radio Resource Management

Band and client steering

Access control

Self-configuration and healing

Radio Resource Management (RRM)

That controls the WiFi radio transmission features, and provides a variety of functionalities, including real-time radio environment monitoring and mapping as well as congestion, noise, and interference mitigation.

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Band and client steering 

To ensure optimal QoE. It provides client steering from one band to the other (2.4GHz<->5GHz) to mitigate congestion or improve coverage and among access points to avoid sticky client issues.

Access control

System provides channel load balancing across 2.4GHz & 5GHz spectrum, steering of clients to 5GHz to maximize high-bandwidth access, policy enforcement and airtime management

Self-configuration and self-healing system

For the immediate recognition and registering of new hotspots by the network, as well as adjustment to reduce the impact of hotspots that become inoperative

Policy manager


RRM dashboard

Policy manager

That allows operators to define groups of APs based on desired criteria and choose which profiles to apply to each group including policies for all SON features, auto-recovery actions, and firmware management


That provide usable and actionable intelligence on network performance and customer experience

Intuitive, web-based WiFi SON/RRM dashboard

For service management.

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