Carrier WiFi Solution

The WiFi solution operators need

A robust, carrier-grade WiFi solution, it allows CSPs to deliver WiFi services to subscribers. Thanks to our cloud-based, API-oriented solution, and through system and network integration, these can be operated in the same way as cellular or fixed services.


Use our solution to deploy, operate and monetize WiFi networks, unlocking multiple use cases to deliver WiFi services to subscribers. Fontech’s Carrier WiFi Solution is a combination of products and professional services, covering every aspect of WiFi service delivery, designed to integrate WiFi into existing carrier systems and operational processes.

WiFi services in 4 steps


Turn your multiple WiFi deployments into a managed network


Integrate WiFi into the rest of your operations and business support systems


Offer personalized, innovative services to subscribers and businesses


Extract additional value from your WiFi services

fon solution

The solution


Fontech offers a carrier-grade solution for end-to-end management of your WiFi networks. Everything from access control to hotspot configuration to end-user experience definition can be handled via Fontech’s carrier-grade solution.


It creates a unique framework that allows rapid rollout of different use cases to deploy WiFi services and business models for your residential and business customers.

Key features

Cloud-based (on-premises also supported) Flexible, high availability, Carrier grade

Customized & personalized for your specific business model

High scalability & availability

Independent of partner access technology

Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support

Multiple authentication methods -Captive portal and 802.1x based EAP (all variants), WRIX support, Authentication lookup from external sources(RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, SOAP/XML)

Interworking with cellular network

Integrated with components and BSS/OSS systems via API

Reuses existing CPE infrastructure

Vendor agnostic

What we provide



A portfolio designed to cover every aspect of your WiFi deployment

WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP)

A cloud-based, hierarchical platform for the management of WiFi services in hotspot networks.

CPE Software

Fontech provides all of the software necessary for integrating Fontech’s hotspot functionality into CPEs, turning isolated CPE’s into a WiFi hotspot network

Wireless Access Gateway (WAG)

An optional routing component that circuits WiFi traffic to core infrastructure, a fundamental piece for WiFi and cellular interworking

Team of experts:

Trained to minimize risks, provide a flawless integration, and help you make the most of your WiFi network

Professional services

Our team of experts will assist you in multiple aspects: from selecting suitable topology and deployment approach, to designing the integration specifically for your infrastructure, to choosing the most adequate services for end customers and monetization strategies, among many other aspects.

Managed services

This optional service allows telco operators to outsource operation of WiFi solutions as a managed service. It suits the needs of operators who prefer to allocate their resources to other tasks.

Carrier WiFi Solution at a glance

To deliver an end-to-end operating WiFi solution, Fontech’s Carrier WiFi Solution interacts flawlessly with pre-existing carrier systems and network elements

Our solutions have helped some of

the world’s top telco operators

Unlock lucrative use cases to deliver

WiFi services to your subscribers