Transform the learning experience with WiFi

Increase engagement through technology

WiFi has become an essential part of the educational environment, allowing both teachers and students immediate and unlimited access to online resources. Fontech offers a WiFi Solution for Education that empowers educational centers to use their network infrastructure to provide secure and segmented WiFi access that adapts to the needs of different user groups.

Key benefits

Easy implementation of WPA2-Enterprise
Simple self-onboarding to free up IT teams
Painless activation of BYOD policies
Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring
Simple but secure Guest WiFi service
Compatible with existing infrastructure

Fontech’s WiFi Solution includes:

Enterprise Control

An intuitive tool to easily manage employee network access policies

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Use cases

Empower teachers to access shared department drives and applications, as well as store exams and evaluations securely online

Connect with students and encourage collaboration by granting them access to the network and infinite online resources

Manage time-limited access to the network for authorized visitors such as speakers without additional burden for administrators

Free-up IT managers’ time by giving them full network visibility as well as real-time analytics and reports that help them troubleshoot problems.

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