Winncom Technologies to deliver Fontech’s WiFi solutions in 90 Countries!

Today we are thrilled to announce a new global distribution agreement with Winncom Technologies, one of the biggest wireless distributors globally! Our portfolio of solutions is now available to over 10,000 of their customers around the world.

Historically, we have been the WiFi solutions provider of choice for leading telcos globally. But this deal helps to demonstrate an important trend in the WiFi ecosystem: Demand for WiFi solutions has grown significantly beyond the playing field of carriers alone.

In the context of our Smart Homes, Smart Enterprises, and Smart Cities, WiFi access and connectivity has become an expected necessity. And Fontech is delighted to be able to provide solutions to meet this growing demand.

Igor Kurochkin, Vice President of Global Vendor Management and Marketing at Winncom Technologies stated, “Utilizing Fontech’s solutions and tremendous experience in WiFi sharing, we’ll provide our clients with additional ways to expand their portfolio, increase customer satisfaction, and help their users to prepare for the IoT revolution, without having to invest heavily in infrastructure.”

For Winncom Technologies, distributing managed WiFi services is a new business line. They will be distributing our portfolio of cloud-based software, which includes Guest WiFi, Enterprise Control, Connectivity Experience, and Home WiFi, in 90 countries.

Alex Puregger, CEO of Fon, commented on the agreement: “We’re delighted to be working with Winncom Technologies to deliver Fontech’s innovative solutions on a massive scale. Together, we will be able to meet the increasing demands of distributors and system integrators who are looking to tap into this exponentially growing market.”

We’ll be presenting the deal officially at Winncom Technologies’ upcoming European Roadshow. “Winncom Day of Innovations” is taking place in Birmingham and London on the 6th and 8th of February consecutively, as well as across Europe at a later date.

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