Leverage WiFi deployments like never before with WiFi SON for Community Networks!

A few months ago, we announced the acquisition of XCellAir and promised that this union would deliver truly innovative and valuable solutions to our clients. So today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest solution, WiFi SON for Community Networks, which empowers operators to leverage community WiFi deployments like never before!

Global operators such as BT, Deutsche Telecom, and Telstra already use Fontech Community WiFi Solution to offer improved coverage and drive cost savings through offloading and WiFi-first strategies. Now with WiFi SON, we’re taking Community WiFi to the next level by operators the tools they need to fully control their WiFi network performance!

With WiFi SON for Community Networks, carriers can manage every WiFi access point, gain detailed real-time data on WiFi network performance, and optimize WiFi radio resources by intelligent SON functionalities. Our solution also empowers them to ensure consistent, carrier-grade connectivity over WiFi instead of best-effort connections, allowing mobile users to always enjoy the best possible connection over WiFi by seamlessly steering them to the best performing access point and frequency band while on the move. It also facilitates increased offloading.

In many countries, such as the US, Korea, and others in Europe, unlimited 4G data plans are becoming increasingly popular, and all over the world data demand is increasing exponentially. In this context, operators need to meet connectivity demands cost-effectively. By delivering a consistent QoE across WiFi and cellular networks, they can take advantage of offloading without frustrating customers. In fact, customers won’t even know whether they’re connected to a WiFi or cellular network, nor when they are being moved from one to another!

Furthermore, as we gear up for 5G, optimized WiFi will unlock a broad range of use cases for operators that have invested in improving their networks.

So how does it work?

  1. WiFi SON cloud server

At the heart of the solution is a server that automatically analyzes and manages radio resources in real-time. It mitigates congestion, noise, and interference at the same time as ensuring customers are connected to the best available network through band and client steering, and channel load balancing across 2.4GHz & 5GHz spectrum. Operators don’t have to worry about new or inoperative hotspots because the solution’s self-healing and self-configuring system registers them and adapts to reduce the impact of defective hotspots.

A simple policy manager allows operators to define different access policies for different groups of APs and users depending on criteria that they set. This grants them full control over WiFi resources and subscriber access to them.

  1. WiFi SON CPE agent

The other solution component takes care of the essential communication between CPEs and the cloud server using only minimal resources. As a result, CPEs can continue to perform without interference while the server receives all the information it needs to ensure WiFi networks are optimized.

A revolutionary solution

WiFi SON for Community Networks gives carriers an unprecedented level of control over their WiFi deployments, which will have a dramatic impact on their bottom lines. In such a competitive industry faced with falling ARPUs, this solution will give our clients the boost they need to differentiate themselves within the market and gain a competitive edge. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our latest technology, just get in touch! And make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest industry insights and Fon | Fontech news.