Presenting Home WiFi, Fontech’s latest solution

For over a decade, Fon has been working with carriers to build the world’s largest community WiFi network, something which we’re well known for. Over that time, the company has gathered invaluable experience in enabling the central management of different operators’ home WiFi routers using software. More than 25 operators now manage more than 21 million hotspots as part of the global Fon network! Based on that experience, today we’re presenting Home WiFi, the latest innovation from the technology arm of Fon.

Aimed at operators who want to provide their customers with a better in-home WiFi experience and coverage, the hardware-agnostic solution leverages existing infrastructure where possible, combining it with new technology where needed.

When users pay for a 50mbps broadband line, they want 50mbps of broadband all over the house. They expect operators to solve in-home WiFi problems and make sure that they have good service in every room. However, in reality, WiFi is often a point of frustration for customers and a key reason driving customers to ring the call center or even switch operators.

We have built this solution over the last two years, working with operators to ensure it meets their requirements. We’re excited to be presenting Home WiFi today, which helps CSPs to understand the WiFi connection in homes, offer tailored solutions to solve different customer’s issues, and in general, better manage the overall WiFi experience of customers.

Fontech Home WiFi is available both as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, and it is compatible with third-party routers and extenders. It is comprised of a powerful combination of next-gen software and a simple application for end users. In addition, at Fontech we have developed advanced Home WiFi Extenders that solve the coverage and throughput problem in any home. We are happy to provide our reference design to any repeater manufacturer.

“We have been working in WiFi with operators for many, many years. We pioneered community WiFi. We were practically the first ones to cloud-managed WiFi routers for the purpose of allowing a community of people to share their WiFi. We have always enabled operators to make more out of their existing WiFi routers, and our latest solution is another powerful example of this,” commented Fon CEO Alex Puregger (when presenting Home WiFi).

“Operators are the natural provider of good in-home WiFi,” he continued. “It feels strange that users need to go to other companies in order to get the WiFi experience they want. It’s both, an obligation and opportunity for operators to address this segment, which is why we’re presenting Home WiFi.”

Fontech Home WiFi is basically a plug and play solution for both telcos and, most importantly, end users. However, we understand that operators need customization and integration into core systems. Our Professional Services Team is specialized in tailoring our flexible solutions to your needs as an operator.

The solution is already being tested with different partners. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch, or visit our solution page for more information. And don’t miss out on any of the latest news from Fontech! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.