Taking advantage of the power of WiFi for hotels

According to TripAdvisor, 80% of worldwide travellers state that WiFi is one of the key commodities that influences their choice of a hotel. The importance of WiFi for hotels is clear, and for this reason it has crept up the list of hotel amenities. Nowadays, it’s fair to say WiFi is as important to hotel guests as hot water. So, there’s no surprise that most hotels are already offering WiFi to guests.

But, the majority of Hotel Managers aren’t getting as much out of their deployments as they could be. At the upcoming Wireless Global Congress, Enrique Farfán, Fon COO and General Manager of Fon US, will be presenting on the power of WiFi for the hospitality sector, sharing his insight on WiFi can be used as a tool to maximize guest experience and consequently drive positive reviews, boost employee engagement, whilst ensuring maximum information security.

An enhanced guest experience

Hotel Managers are aware of the competition they face when it comes to attracting new customers and earning the loyalty of guests. Not only must they ensure that guests are happy during their stay: Given that 81% of travellers find online user reviews important when deciding on a hotel (according to TripAdvisor), managers ideally need to encourage these happy guests to leave positive reviews that will help them to attract others in the future.

When it comes to WiFi, a negative connectivity experience can have a detrimental impact on guests’ perceptions of the hotel. In fact, poor WiFi service was the second most commonly cited complaint after noise. 83% of hotel guests will report bad WiFi service and 36% won’t return because of it*. These stark numbers put the importance of providing easy and seamless connectivity into perspective.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once the WiFi is in place, Hotel Managers can leverage deployments as a tool to drive positive reviews. In order to do so, they require a solution that allows them to capture real-time customer feedback and act accordingly.

A powerful employee engagement tool

The benefits of WiFi aren’t limited to improving the experience of guests. The technology can also be used to drive employee engagement. Instead of being tethered to the reception desk in order to resolve issues, WiFi connectivity allows hotel staff to be more dynamic, solving guests’ problems on-the-go from mobile devices.

With so many possibilities to use WiFi to drive real business benefits, the hospitality sector represents a lucrative opportunity for service providers if they can offer the right solution. If you’re attending Wireless Global Congress in Orlando, make sure to attend Enrique Farfán’s presentation at 14:20 on Wednesday 13th June in Pacifica room 2 for more expert insights. And find out more about our WiFi Solution for Hotels here.   

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