Control and optimize your users’ home WiFi experience!

Earlier this week we announced our latest launch: Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution!

Working hand-in-hand with telcos to ensure it meets their needs, we’ve developed this state-of-the-art solution to enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to optimize and control the WiFi experience in the homes of their subscribers. The solution improves WiFi coverage in their customers’ homes, but benefits don’t stop there: It also gives CSPs complete visibility and control over the service and the ability to autonomously resolve potential issues.

Our Home WiFi Solution resolves the pain points that we, as end-users ourselves, are certainly familiar with. We’ve all experienced the frustration of spotty WiFi coverage and attempts to resolve issues with customer care agents. When calling customer helplines, it often seems like agents have their hands tied behind their backs: No matter what the issue they can only suggest you turn your router off and on again or place it in a different location. Thanks to Fontech’s latest solution, this no longer has to be the case.

In addition to playing a key role in improving NPS, minimizing support costs, differentiating from competitors, and enabling new services, most importantly, Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution is a strategic tool for weakening the importance of other OTT players that have entered the market.

Our newest solution is end-to-end, covering every aspect of the home WiFi service, including the in-home experience of end users, customer support, and even technical operations.

Image of the components of Fontech Home WiFi solution including Home WiFi SDK, Home WiFi Platform, Home WiFi extender, and a CPE that contains the Home WiFi Software for CPEs

The solution features innovative technology including:

– Home WiFi Platform: The brain of Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution, this cloud-based (or on-premises) platform provides CSPs with full visibility of the end-user WiFi experience and with it, the ability to resolve customer issues. Its intelligence and capabilities are available through an open API or a dashboard. The dashboard is an intuitive user interface that is key to reducing support costs.

– Home WiFi SDK: A user-friendly and intuitive tool (also available as an app) that gives end users the ability to self-manage their own home WiFi experience. This SDK gives users recommendations on how they can improve their home WiFi, guidance on how to install new WiFi extenders, manage devices and user access policies, and it even helps them create guest WiFi networks.

– Home WiFi Software for CPEs and extenders: Software that can be installed on any third-party router and extender for interacting with the Home WiFi Platform. The software also includes features such as handover control, band steering, and data gathering.

– Home WiFi Extenders: Fontech can also provide CSPs with advanced WiFi extenders that significantly increase WiFi coverage in the home.

This solution easily integrates with any CSP’s CPEs, and its open API systems ensure easy integration with existing BSS/OSS systems and minimal time to market.

We’re excited about what this means for CSPs who now have full visibility and control of their subscribers, and for users who can enjoy a better experience than ever before!

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