New “net+ Fon 4 business!” product based on Fontech’s technology!


Rebecca Moy | January 31st, 2019

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are expected to offer WiFi connectivity to guests, even the little guys. The issue is, smaller businesses often can’t afford or manage advanced and sophisticated guest WiFi technology. This forces them to rely on simple password sharing with customers. The problem with password sharing is that businesses don’t get much back in terms of ROI and customer insights. But even more troubling is that it can also leave WiFi networks vulnerable to different types of attacks and there is little to no visibility or control over use.  

More and more operators are taking notice of these issues and want to be able to offer something to their small and mid-size business clients. Their offering must be both affordable and simple to manage. That’s why Swiss operator, SA has just launched “net+ Fon 4 business!”, a product based on our WiFi Solution for Small Businesses! This new product is now offered as an option within net+’s “SoHo” and “B-PME” products that specifically target small and medium-sized businesses like bars, restaurants, and shops. You can watch their video (in French) here!

With it, SA’s 9,000 SMB clients will now have a way to offer guest WiFi in a controlled manner that is also easy for the businesses themselves to manage. They can now set up and customize the guest WiFi at their establishments within minutes using an intuitive mobile application. Once customers start connecting, these businesses will gain valuable statistics on WiFi network usage, customer insights, and even the possibility of receiving more online reviews.

Here at Fontech, we couldn’t be more excited to be working with SA! We’re glad that more and more operators are taking advantage of the opportunity to offer something new and valuable to their SMB clients. And we’re even happier that they’re choosing our technology to do it!