2018 Ungku Melewa, Fontech’s sales representative in South East Asia

What’s your role at Fontech?

I’m Ungku Melewa, Fontech sales representative, and I’m based in Kuala Lumpur. I represent the South East Asia region. I am not new to the telecommunications sector before joining Fontech, having worked previously at Juniper Networks, Maxis, and Cisco Systems.  I’d be happy to get a conversation started with you if there’s anything you’d like to know about Fontech and how we can help you!

What can you tell us about the current WiFi ecosystem in these Asian countries?

WiFi is certainly growing here: there is expected to be more than 250 million hotspots by some time this year, and 37% of them will be in Asia-Pacific alone!

In South East Asia, free WiFi is frequently offered and mobile offload is quite common. In terms of mobile data, Telcos are offering unlimited plans and are leaning towards convergence. To improve the WiFi performance at home, MESH routers are becoming more popular.

At a broader level, there is growing political emphasis on free municipal WiFi for the public and visitors, especially places like Singapore and Hong Kong. The tourism industry is spurring demand for reliable broadband service through WiFi, as travellers prefer WiFi over data roaming. Municipal and public WiFi is also popular in East Asia, where it is offered widely, especially in strong tourist areas and large cities. It would be interesting for carriers to find ways to commercialize and monetize WiFi access with packages, pricing, and new business models.

In some emerging countries, the focus of telcos is increasing their WiFi footprints and WiFi coverage. In developing countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, WiFi could be a more viable alternative to the current state of broadband services which are often slow, unreliable, and expensive.

What can Fontech offer the Asian market?

Asia dominates in the number of hotspots in developed regions. That being said, Fontech can offer solutions and products that will enable hotspots to be used as something more – namely to offer new, value-added services and capitalize on their network investments.

First and foremost, our Carrier WiFi Solution makes it easy to deploy WiFi networks and to manage WiFi access based services easily. This solution easily integrates with the operator’s BSS/OSS making WiFi a complementary piece of their portfolio. Apart from offload, this solution enables other use cases such as WiFi Monetization, the key for operators wanting to gain revenue from their deployments.

Since there is also quite a bit of pickup on improving the home WiFi experience for subscribers, Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution can also give Asian operators visibility and control of this service, both allowing them to regain territory from OTT operators and apps and solve customer care issues quickly. In the end, that means happier end clients.

And since Asia has many, many popular tourist destinations, our WiFi Solution for Hotels and WiFi Solution for Small Businesses are perfect for service providers who want to give their clients the power to offer safe, reliable, and easy access to WiFi to visitors who consider WiFi an amenity and want to avoid roaming charges. Similarly, many parts of Asia are now international business hubs. Our WiFi Solution for workplaces will certainly be of interest for those enterprises (big and small!) that want to offer WiFi to employees and visitors, but who are also concerned about maintaining the security of their corporate networks.

So as you can see, there is no shortage of possibilities here! If you’re in this region and need anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how our powerful WiFi solutions can help you to achieve your business goals. And make sure you follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be the first to know about exciting future announcements.