Nilesh Kumar Nagarsheth, Fontech’s sales representative in MEA

What’s your role at Fontech?

I’m Fontech’s representative in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and I am based in Dubai where I’ve been for over 17 years now! My experience in telco spans over 25 years within the Asia-MEA region, and I’m excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to creating and strengthening relationships with those who are interested in working with Fontech in order to maximize their ROI, leveraging WiFi strategies.

What can you tell us about the current WiFi ecosystem in the Middle East and Africa?

There is an abundance of possibility for WiFi in this region for carriers, governments and enterprises alike! On the one hand, the demand for WiFi is growing in many African countries where the market is very price-sensitive and 3G/4G is much more expensive than WiFi. Considering the geographical size of the continent, there is much work that can be done to increase coverage!

Public WiFi deployments for Smart City initiatives can be key in certain metro areas in leading cities. This is also the case for venues like shopping malls, sports stadiums, educational centers, and for public events.  A specific example of this in the Middle East is Dubai’s hosting of the universal Expo 2020 in which WiFi demands may reach important peaks that should be anticipated. These deployments must be easily deployable and affordable!

What can Fontech offer MEA?

In terms of carriers, Fontech’sCarrier WiFi portfolio allows operators to deploy, manage and monetize WiFi access based services, enabling not only an increased coverage but also new business opportunities such as Community WiFi, Offload or WiFi Monetization, WiFi-based data analytics, and targeted smart marketing solutions.  

Fontech’s Enterprise WiFi portfolio is of special interest for service providers wanting to target the public and enterprise segments. It can help attract high-value clients, such as venues, hotels, and small businesses, all of which want to offer tailored WiFi services to customers and new visitors.

The heart of both of these solutions is the WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP). Cloud-based, it allows you to manage WiFi services easily from one place.  What sets WSMP apart is, it’s robust, carrier-grade & flexibility: from one platform you can manage multiple hierarchies of distributors, dealer, and end customers and venues all with different WiFi models and experiences. Think of it as “ground control” where you have visibility over all of your clients, and can manage everything from policies, business rules, sales, campaigns, access control, and look and feel of the captive portal, content!

Another of our key solutions is our WiFi Solution for Workplaces, which is especially important when we look at top business hubs such as Dubai. The solution provides full autonomous management of the enterprise network security and control service, including policy, user, and device management. This solution is multi-tenant and can easily be integrated with existing user directory databases. In short, it makes it easy to control who and what connects to your network at any time.

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