Show me the money: Home WiFi Solution business case

Ana Ortiz | March 5th, 2019


Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution allows operators to improve and control their subscribers’ in-home WiFi experience. Not only does it ensure coverage throughout the home, it also gives operators complete visibility and management capabilities over the service to autonomously resolve potential issues, and state-of-the-art RRM/SON technology to ensure the service is autonomously optimized.

Given its functionalities, its benefits are quite clear: a better in-home connectivity experience means more satisfied customers which directly impacts NPS, churn, and support costs. But how, and to what extent? Well we’ve done the numbers.

The first thing is to clearly identify how each of Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution components impact the operator’s KPIs, as we’ve done below:

  • Home WiFi App. This solution features an intuitive app for end users to easily solve some very common issues such as those related to SSID/passwords, adding new devices, router placement, or diagnosing service performance. Until now, operators offered very few self-management capabilities of the sort, or at least not much more than a few tips on a help/FAQ section of the website. Giving users a simple app to self-manage means they will no longer have to call for these issues, resulting in lower customer care costs for the operator.


  • Home WiFi extenders and RRM/SON capabilities. A very common customer issue is “my WiFi is slow or not working”, and these types of calls are a major cost generator for operators. Extenders ensure coverage in every room of the house. Plus, our SON/RRM capabilities implies that the network is continuously taking performance measurements and automatically adjusting multiple radio parameters (such as band, channel, transmission power and others) to ensure optimal performance. Enhanced coverage and optimal performance simply mean that the WiFi service will be working at its best, thus reducing the users need to call for this issue. 


  • Home WiFi Platform. Until now, customer care agents have been blind to what happened in users’ Home WiFi networks. The result? Calls with a very high average handling time (AHT), very low first call resolution (FCR), unnecessary hardware replacement, and technicians being sent to customer’s homes. Each case, a major loss for the operator. But our Home WiFi Platform gives agents the necessary visibility and management capabilities to know exactly whats is wrong with the service and in many cases, solve the issue remotely. This component is key to reducing AHT, increasing FCR, and avoiding unnecessary truckrolls and hardware costs.

And how much does this add up to? Based on conversations with our clients, we’ve discovered that WiFi-related calls can average 15-40% based on the operator type (converged or purely fixed). The cost of a call varies from market to market, and whether outsourced or not. But in general, a technical support call will be 5-10 times more expensive than a generic call. The cost of a technician can easily exceed €60 in many markets and a CPE €40.

This implies that minimal improvement in Home WiFi performance translates into a major impact on cost. Not to mention other key impacts for the operator beyond cost such as churn reduction, CPE lifetime extension, differentiation from competitors (and hence higher customer acquisition), and the opportunity to upsell or offer other value-added services such as parental controls.

Ready to see the numbers? Contact us and our sales representative will adapt our business case to your specific context, and quantify the benefits our Home WiFi Solution brings to your business.