Disrupting the market with Guest WiFi for Small Businesses!

Today at Mobile World Congress we announced our WiFi for Small Businesses Solution for service providers that want to tap into the lucrative market. An upgraded solution, Vodafone Spain are using it to deploy WiFi services in thousands of establishments across the country. One of the key benefits of our solution is that it is plug-and-play, which means this number is likely to skyrocket in the next few months as Vodafone Spain can rapidly expand the service to interested parties.

Photo of Fontech Vodafone corner at MWC18

From dentist surgeries to hairdressers, and cafes to small retail branches, our WiFi for Small Businesses solution is suitable for any small business that wants a simple, ready-to-use solution that enables them to offer valuable WiFi services to customers and visitors. And, with IGR reporting that businesses see a 72% success rate in increased sales after implementing free WiFi, there are a lot of establishments that are looking for a solution like ours.

This represents a huge opportunity for service providers, especially in the context of falling ARPU. In order to survive in a saturated market, operators are looking for diversification. And we’re thrilled to be able to offer them the technology they require to take advantage of this exponentially growing segment.

The WiFi for Small Businesses Solution consists of:

– An off-the-shelf hardware.

– The intuitive Merchant App that enables business owners to customize the guest WiFi experience they want to offer. It also allows them to view network usage analytics which they can use to gain valuable insights about their customers!

– Fontech’s cutting-edge WiFi Service Management Platform for the service provider deploying the service. The platform facilitates easy management of multiple locations through a simple hierarchical structure which allows them to define and apply different business models, user experiences, and revenue schemes for each type of customer.

As well as this offering for the small business segment, we’re focused on developing a Guest WiFi portfolio that meets the specific needs of different verticals. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be the first to know about exciting future announcements!