Futurecom 2018: Sergio García discusses putting an end to home WiFi problems

For many of us, WiFi at home is essential and even something we’ve come to take for granted – that is, until there’s a problem. Difficulties connecting, slow speeds, and poor coverage are common subscriber frustrations as well as a major cause of complaints and dissatisfaction. The problem is, without visibility over home networks, operators – namely support agents, often find themselves with their hands tied.

Why are operators still facing obstacles when it comes to ensuring a great home WiFi experience for their subscribers? How are OTT players chipping away at their control and visibility of customer issues? And how can operators grapple with rising customer care costs and disgruntled subscribers? Sergio García, Fontech Customer Engagement and Presales Engineer (and Subject Matter Expert on Wireless Technologies!) will be discussing these questions and more at the 20th edition of Futurecom in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 16th, 2018.

Sergio’s presentation “Home WiFi: Challenges and Opportunities for Operators” will lay out a clear picture how subscribers define a satisfactory home WiFi experience in contrast with what operators are (or aren’t!) able to provide. What becomes clear are the gaps in terms of tools, visibility, and understanding that need to be filled in order for operators to actually be able to ensure a great home WiFi experience.

Sergio will reveal exactly how Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution can save the day for operators who find themselves ignorant to the real-time status of home WiFi networks and thus unable to manage or improve the service they offer. Not only does our hardware-agnostic, end-to-end solution provide operators with central management of home WiFi networks, it also gives customer care agents and network operations teams real-time and historic vision of impacts on service. That way, they can win back control, cut costs, and turn out happy subscribers.

We’re excited to be able to present these insights at Futurecom, which is the largest Technology and Telecommunications event in Latin America. If you’ll also be in Sao Paulo, be sure to catch Sergio’s presentation on the 16th!

Vejo você em São Paulo!