Want to make the workplace more secure and productive?

The latest of our cutting-edge solutions launches today to make the workplace a more productive and secure environment!

Nowadays, many companies are providing WiFi connectivity for employees and guests, as well as opting for mobility strategies, such as BYOD. They’re doing so to reap the benefits of making work more flexible: By enabling access to information remotely, employees can use previously “dead time” productively, which implies cost savings at an organizational level. For example, an employee can spend their commute catching up on emails and preparing for the day ahead.

Despite the clear advantages, these types of initiatives, alongside the proliferation of mobile devices, can open up enterprise networks to security and privacy risks. In many cases, businesses are not even aware of the threats their networks are vulnerable to.

With the mission of enhancing the visibility, control, and security of network access for all types of enterprises, and putting the power back into their hands, we’ve developed Enterprise Control. The solution gives enterprises the authority over which users and devices are connecting to their networks in real time, and they can create user groups with different access privileges based on a wide range of factors and flexibly change them in real time from a central location.

At the heart of the solution is a cloud-based management platform that incorporates a new security layer into the enterprise’s existing network infrastructure. This means that clients can implement and manage WPA2 Enterprise without investing in complex, on-premises infrastructure.

Thanks to an intuitive self-onboarding portal, employees can easily configure their own devices to access enterprise networks. The solution also makes configuration and management of the service simple for administrators thanks to a user-friendly admin portal. Network access is controlled by RADIUS-based policy enforcement that includes both user and device-based policies and supervised through monitoring tools provided for network administrators.

In order to facilitate simple integration, the solution is compatible with a variety of different directory services, including LDAP, Active Directory, G-Suite, and Office 365, as well as JumpCloud, OneLogin, and Auth0.

But, the solution goes further! By offering a powerful Guest WiFi module, administrators can easily grant visitors access to networks. This can be done through a customizable captive portal or via invitation through WPA2-Enterprise, so sharing passwords on paper becomes a thing of the past.

As well as working directly with a number of enterprises, we are already distributing this solution through Winncom, thanks to a global distribution agreement that we announced last week. If you’re interested in understanding how our solution can help you protect your enterprise network, or you are interested in providing it as a managed service to your clients, visit the dedicated solution page.

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