Carrier-grade WiFi: Take your community network further

In our previous blog, we explained why operators need to upgrade their community WiFi deployments from best-effort to carrier-grade. Not only will this investment empower them to take advantage of WiFi strategies such as offload and benefit from cost savings: Guaranteeing an excellent customer experience on WiFi networks will help them stand out amongst the competition for providing an optimal connectivity experience.

But how can they move from best-effort to carrier-grade quality WiFi deployments in order to take community networks further?

  1. Ensure subscribers are always connected to the best available network whether WiFi or cellular

One of the primary causes of customer frustration is when their device automatically connects them to a bad performing WiFi network. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the result is always the same: A poor connectivity experience. To resolve this issue, operators need to invest in a solution that analyzes network performance in real time, as well as considering historical performance data and ensures that users are connected to the best network in range (whether it be WiFi or cellular). Fontech’s Connectivity Experience Solution does just that.

  1. Optimize WiFi network performance

A fundamental step in delivering consistent QoE is taking control of the performance of WiFi networks. Until now, operators haven’t had the tools required to do this, but with Fontech’s WiFi SON Solution they do! With our latest solution, not only can operators see how WiFi networks are performing, but the technology automatically mitigates issues and takes measures to improve performance when required. For example, through band and client steering, and channel load balancing across 2.4GHz & 5GHz spectrum. It also features a self-configuration and self-healing system which means the network automatically recognizes and registers new hotspots, as well as adjusting to reduce the impact of hotspots that become inoperative.

  1. Ensure a consistent service regardless of the access technology

In our ever-connected lifestyles, users want to enjoy a good communication service, and they don’t really care about the technology that is behind. For SPs, this becomes even more important as they will need to have the same visibility and management capabilities for the subscriber regardless of whether access is WiFi or cellular based. Fontech’s WiFi Offload Solution, featuring its key Cellular Interworking Module allows operators to do just that by extending policies, charging rules, QoS, and value-added services from cellular to WiFi domains.

We pioneered residential WiFi sharing, enabling the first community WiFi networks with our innovative technology. Our latest developments focus on delivering carrier-grade community WiFi to our clients, enabling them to leverage networks to their full potential and enjoy the benefits deployments have to offer. If you’re ready to make the upgrade from best-effort, get in touch! And make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest industry insights and Fon | Fontech news!