Check out our carrier-grade WiFi infographic!

An infographic that explains the benefits of carrier-grade

In recent blogs, we’ve explained why operators need to move from best-effort to carrier-grade WiFi networks, as well as looking at the solutions they need to make this upgrade. One of those solutions is WiFi SON, which we launched recently. SON technology provides many functionalities that improve network performance and are widely used in cellular networks. With our latest solution, we empower operators with the same control over WiFi network performance and QoE.

Why is this important?

Until now, operators have had very limited control over WiFi. Volatile network performance, paired with a lack of visibility of what is going on, has meant that telcos can’t ensure the quality of experience of WiFi networks. From a subscriber perspective, this leads to frustration. Sometimes WiFi networks provide a great connectivity experience, whereas on other occasions this isn’t the case.

This frustration can harm operators’ reputation, but it is also important to consider the impact it has on WiFi strategies. An operator can’t benefit from the cost savings derived from a WiFi offload strategy if subscribers choose to avoid WiFi.

The solution

As we mentioned, to put a stop to all of these harmful impacts, operators should invest in a solution portfolio that grants them total control over WiFi networks, allows them to fully integrate them with cellular, and provides users with a cellular-like QoE. In a nutshell, what operators need is a carrier-grade service. At Fontech, we have a set of complementary solutions for operators to evolve best-effort networks to carrier-grade. Check out the infographic to understand the benefits of our portfolio.

If you’re interested in making the most of existing WiFi networks or are looking to deploy them for the first time, we have an industry-leading portfolio of carrier WiFi Solutions that cover every aspect of WiFi delivery. If you’re interested in learning more, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest insights!