Fon’s acquisition of XCellAir ensures WiFi’s long-term survival and cellular-like services, according to Analysys Mason

We’re delighted to share the key takeaways of Analysys Mason’s article “ Fon’s acquisition of XCellAir signals Wi-Fi’s continued strength in the home, venues, and enterprise

This article analyzes the impact of Fon’s acquisition of XCellAir on CSPs, and how an optimized WiFi service will strengthen its relevance as an access technology.  While Fon, through its technology arm Fontech, provides solutions covering every aspect of WiFi delivery from homes and workplaces to venues and public spaces, XCellAir provides the state-of-the-art self-optimizing network (SON) and radio resource management (RRM) technologies.

As a result of this combination of technologies, CSPs can give subscribers even better QoE by optimizing their public WiFi network performance, converting best-effort WiFi networks into a carrier-grade service. Doing so gives users the cellular-like QoE they demand and gives CSPs the management capabilities they need. And the Home WiFi segment also benefits because, thanks to RRM/SON technology, CSPs get unprecedented management control, and are able to significantly improve the quality of in-home WiFi.

Improving WiFi's QoE

According to Analysys Mason, “operators must adopt a more-substantial role in managing and optimising Wi-Fi resources, especially in high-density residential areas”. This need is driven by the increasing number of devices and customer expectations for good, uninterrupted WiFi service. In terms of public WiFi, though small cell prospects are good, barriers for smooth deployments (e.g. cost considerations and increasing data demands) require Carrier WiFi solutions that will relieve CSPs of the data cost burden, while meeting users’ cellular-like QoE expectations.

Fon and XCellAir’s combined technology covers these needs for operators, and we’re happy to see that Analysys Mason shares our view:

“Fon’s activities will ensure Wi-Fi’s long-term survival as an access technology and enable CSPs to deliver services on-par with cellular technology.”