Analysys Mason: “Fon’s portfolio can improve customer satisfaction, quality of experience, and churn”

Ana Ortiz November 22nd, 2018

Analysys Mason just published its latest case study: Fon’s WiFi SON technology: an opportunity to improve the quality of Wi-Fi in the UKFocusing on the British fixed broadband market, this case study provides an overview of the market, the business challenges and key drivers for CSPs within the WiFi ecosystem, and the key benefits of partnering with Fontech, the technology arm of Fon.

The case study also analyses how Community WiFi is key for operators in order to increase customer satisfaction, and reduce mobile network congestion and costs through offload. However, as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, a carrier-grade connectivity experience that ensures an optimal, consistent, and cellular-like experience across access points, is essential. And we’re happy to see that Analysys Mason shares our view:

“Fon’s new Wi-Fi solutions enable CSPs to upgrade their service quality from best-effort to carrier-grade in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.”

Analysys Mason provides an overview of Fontech’s solution portfolio, focusing especially on our WiFi SON solution.

Image from Analysys Mason WiFI SON report

This solution allows CSPs to apply self-optimizing network (SON) and radio resource management (RRM) technologies to the WiFi segment. This solution is based on a cloud server and a CPE agent that enable functionalities such as band and client steering, self-optimization and self-healing or airtime management among others, in order to ensure an optimal QoE.

And how does Analysys Mason conclude that Fontech’s portfolio can improve satisfaction, and churn? To do so, the case study states the 3 principal key benefits of our solution portfolio: Firstly, our Community WiFi Solution provides internet access for end users without consuming their mobile allowance, ensures better customer satisfaction, and reduces costs through offload. Another key benefit is improved performance via SON technology, guaranteeing a carrier-grade user experience. Finally, the report mentions the opportunity for CSPs to monetize WiFi services.

“Fon’s five main Wi-Fi solutions will help address CSPs’ cost reduction needs and enable increased Wi-Fi monetisation.  Wi-Fi SON is key where APs are sub-optimal.”

To learn more about our solutions and how they align with operators business needs, check out our Carrier WiFi Solution portfolio or download Analysys Mason’s full case study.