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Fontech makes managing and operating WiFi smart and simple.

About Fontech

With more than a decade of experience providing carrier-grade WiFi services around the world, our technology is used to manage more than 21 million hotspots across five continents.


In the face of booming mobile data traffic, skyrocketing demand for connectivity, and the changing nature of mobile networks, we wanted to use our expertise and unique technology to enable our clients to build and manage their very own WiFi networks, and offer value-added, WiFi-based services. So we created Fontech to make WiFi management smart and simple.


Trusted WiFi software provider

We provide the software and services for the management of WiFi networks, the virtualization of WiFi routers, as well as the facilitation of connection to WiFi networks. Fontech offers three solution categories:


Carrier WiFi: Our portfolio of carrier-grade solutions and team of experts grant operators the power to configure, deliver, and operate their own WiFi services efficiently using existing infrastructure in a secure, scalable way, as well as offer seamless connectivity to their customers wherever they are. Our technology also allows them to implement new, innovative WiFi-related business models for use cases such as IoT and Smart Cities.

Enterprise WiFi: Fontech has developed a set of solutions for the provision of Guest WiFi, and WiFi security and marketing services. Our technology offers centralized management through a simple hierarchical structure, and additional products to adapt the solution to the specific needs of every individual client no matter what their business vertical, from educational facilities to hotels, small businesses, to corporate workplaces.  

Home WiFi: Our solution enables operators to improve the home WiFi experience of customers whilst gaining visibility and control over the service. This empowers operators to increase client satisfaction, and reduce churn and operating costs through improved customer support tools and a reduction in support calls.


In April 2018 we announced the acquisition of XCellAir, the WiFi Quality of Experience expert, in order to reinforce our Home WiFi Solution and strengthen our North American presence. The addition of XCellAir’s expertise and products builds on our proven ability to empower operators to further optimize available WiFi capacity and greatly enhance user experience through improved latency and throughput.


In addition to acquiring XCellAir’s team of wireless QoE experts, we have incorporated XCellAir’s core product, the XCellRAN™ carrier WiFi solution, into our portfolio. The powerful, cloud-based, and scalable platform is suitable for an operator’s entire WiFi footprint and for any vendor equipment, both existing deployed and next-generation WiFi access points.

Fontech’s global clients include

They put their trust in us and chose to partner with Fontech because

Our technology is reliable and scalable

We're vendor agnostic and avoid vendor lock-in

We offer a tailored solution (open API, professional services)

We offer lower implementation costs

Our use-case ready solutions open new revenue opportunties

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